Bar Goto

Lower East Side, ニューヨーク
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  • James J.
    "Enjoy a bottle of Sake (日本酒) with a friend or loved one."(8 つの Tips)
    Susie Y.
    "Gin lovers get the sakura martini (マルティーニ)"(5 つの Tips)
    Lina Y.
    "Small, intimate bar with great cocktails (カクテル) and tasty okonomiyaki."(40 つの Tips)
    Noah W.
    "very solid izakaya bar food (バーフード(居酒屋料理))."(4 つの Tips)
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  • Dimits M.
    L.E.S was amazing and i don’t even like gin
  • Fernando
    Fernando3月 29
  • Melissa Y.
    Melissa Yu2月 25
    chicken wings, okonomiyaki and octopus were tasty eats. Cocktails: LES and a cold brew rye were my fav.
  • Jose F.
    Jose Fuentes2月 2
    One of the best in the city. Go for the Sakura Martini
  • Connie C.
    Great drinks and Japanese appetizers. The staff is fantastic! $11 for a beer and shot. The okonomiyaki is a bit too heavy with sauce.
  • Dennis O.
    Dennis O'Reilly12月 30, 2017
  • Jen R.
    Jen Rios11月 17, 2017
    Love! Great for food and drinks. Small and intimate setting not too quiet but still buzzing. Bar and tables are usually full early. The staff is attentive and friendly which is a big plus for me.
  • Eileen
    Eileen9月 23, 2017
    If you like creamy, sweet drinks, get the hojicha milk punch. Kyoto old fashioned is similar to alcohol tea. LES was easy to drink
  • Dan T.
    Dan Torres8月 1, 2017
    The celery is a must order.
  • Ted P.
    Ted Palenski7月 30, 2017
    Very intimate bar in LES. Not as crowded as other bars, but cocktails and ambience are great for small groups.
  • Lina Y.
    Lina Yeh7月 21, 2017
    Small, intimate bar with great cocktails and tasty okonomiyaki.
  • Eater
    Eater6月 15, 2017
    This contemporary Lower East Side izakaya may be known for its cocktails (Pegu Club vet Kenta Goto opened the place), but it also serves one of New York’s best bar food menus. 続きを見る
  • s v.
    s v6月 7, 2017
    (Thrillist tip) Dessert-y Rum Oshiruko, made w/ red bean soup & dark rum, served on crushed ice w/ mochi ice cream... chicken wings here are required eating. can’t go wrong w/ the sesame celery.
  • Emily L.
    Emily L5月 30, 2017
    their "dessert" cocktail with green tea was gimmicky and no good
  • Charlotte S.
    Charlotte Scarf5月 29, 2017
    Ume Fizz for the win, with celery on the side
  • Irene M.
    Irene Mavridis5月 21, 2017
    Beautiful cocktails!
  • Rafi R.
    Rafi Romero5月 20, 2017
    the Far East Side was really good. Both Okonomiyaki(? - Japenese omelettes) were also excellent
  • Caroline
    Caroline5月 9, 2017
    Stunning cocktails, small bites. Try rum oshiruko with mochi
  • Bruce H.
    Bruce Homer3月 17, 2017
    Impecable cocktails! Drink as art! The decor is beautiful. Need to try the food next time - looks great!
  • Lucy H.
    Lucy H.3月 11, 2017
    Their pickles are so good! Get some to snack on w/ cocktails 😍
  • Bradley K.
    Bradley Kay2月 19, 2017
    Good drinks menu, though more limited than most high quality cocktail bars. Tilts towards Japanese ingredients (yuzu, sochu, calpico). Amazing wings and okonami-yaki.
  • Natalie V.
    Natalie Vegel2月 5, 2017
    Okonomiyaki is so good! We liked the carnivore one a lot. Wings and celery are also great. The sake nectar cocktail and Yuzu calpico are my favs. BF likes the sazerac and jersey kilt.
  • Bienvenido C.
    Bienvenido Cruz2月 4, 2017
    The chicken wings and celery are amazing
  • Bon Appetit Magazine
    The best thing we ate in a bar this year was…celery? We were surprised too. The crunchy, salty, sesame-drenched celery sticks at Bar Goto are so good, you’ll forget they’re vegetables. 続きを見る
  • Ross W.
    Ross Webster-Salter1月 16, 2017
    Kenta Goto of Pegu Club fame is behind this New York venue. Expect easy Japanese food, craft cocktails, and a thoughtful selection of beer, wine and sake
  • Kim P.
    Kim Phạm1月 5, 2017
    Cosy little Japanese bar. The specials are super interesting. Perfect for date night.
  • Jose F.
    Jose Fuentes12月 23, 2016
    Among the best in the city. Get the wings or any of the okonomiyaki or the kombu celery.
  • Jesse L.
    Jesse Lane12月 22, 2016
    I know everyone says this, but the wings are that good
  • A W.
    A Writer11月 29, 2016
    Stylish, charming and low key cocktail spot. The shiso and yuzu-based cocktail (I forget the name) was refreshing and unusual in all the right ways.
  • Nathan Y.
    Nathan Yuen11月 26, 2016
    Sake nectar!!!
  • ZZubin
    ZZubin11月 7, 2016
    The miso wings are great. They're quite small and easy to take down. Great sauce to meat ratio!
  • Eater
    Eater10月 25, 2016
    This Kenta Goto founded Japanese gastropub serves a limited menu, of which the best things are the miso chicken wings. These well-cooked avian appendages are slicked with a semi-sweet & earthy sauce. 続きを見る
  • Christine C.
    Christine Casano8月 29, 2016
    The wings!!
  • K
    K8月 17, 2016
    Fail safe option for cocktails downtown without doorman drama and in a cool space. Think Angel's Share-style cocktails but without the line of out-of-towners waiting for a table.
  • Ting T.
    Ting Tsai8月 13, 2016
    Nice date place. Space has intimate 2 person tables, decor is not overly romantic. Enough background noise to drown out the awkward silences while still being quiet enough to hear the other person.
  • Sue L.
    Sue Lee7月 22, 2016
    Their miso wings are a must.
  • Elsa C.
    Elsa Cervera6月 27, 2016
    Watermelon cooler
  • Alberto S.
    Alberto Simon6月 21, 2016
    Japanese style cocktails, very good!
  • İpek A.
    İpek A.6月 13, 2016
    Good cocktails and snacks. Try the watermelon & gin cocktail. And ask for "Jasmine"
  • Rudy V.
    Rudy Valenta6月 10, 2016
    Kobu Celery - fresh spears of celery, salted kelp, sea same seeds and red shiso flakes. Perfect combo with a cocktail
  • Bon Appetit Magazine
    The food is substantial (and tasty) enough to make a meal of, but getting a couple of early evening cocktails and snacks before a later downtown dinner rez is really the move here. 続きを見る
  • Alexandra W.
    Alexandra White5月 22, 2016
    Woah. The octopus and sake cocktails 👍👍👍
  • Sherry W.
    Sherry Wang5月 6, 2016
    Get the matcha drink. The burdock fries and okonomiyaki (the meatiest option, can't recall the name) were delicious. Umami mary is great too— good flavors but not like a meal like other bloodies
  • Saarim Z.
    Saarim Zaman4月 30, 2016
    get multiple orders of the miso wings you won't regret it one bit
  • Emily W.
    Emily Wilson4月 29, 2016
    The miso wings are insanely good... Dare I say the best chicken wings in the city? Yep.
  • Leah H.
    Leah Hammerschlag4月 2, 2016
    The wings are worth it- super unique and delicious, the cocktails are tasty though not mindblowing at $15. Wonderful service and ambiance.
  • Sydney M.
    Sydney M3月 12, 2016
  • Elizabeth I.
    Elizabeth Iriz3月 11, 2016
    Not your traditional okonomiyaki but very tasty nonetheless and how can you say no to the grilled cheese one?!
  • Christine H.
    Christine Ha2月 29, 2016
    Amazing cocktails: Yuzu fizz, umami Mary, matcha & Sendai with half & half. Cool ambience but tiny with no Rezzes. Food is meh. 🍸🍹🍶
  • PureWow
    PureWow2月 23, 2016
    You really haven’t lived until you’ve tried the okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake with pork belly, yakisoba noodles and rock shrimp. 続きを見る