陳景蘭洋樓 is one of Kinmen.

1. 陳景蘭洋樓

公園 · 2個のヒントとレビュー

Josh W.Josh W: Best feeling to just hang out on the second floor balcony (where a cafe just opened)... enjoy the sea breeze

老屋子蚵爹 is one of Kinmen.

2. 老屋子蚵爹

Kinhu Township
軽食店 · 1件の Tip

Josh W.Josh W: Delicious fried oyster fritters

沙溪堡 is one of Kinmen.

3. 沙溪堡

青岐村, 金門縣, 金門縣
展望台 · 1件の Tip

Josh W.Josh W: Come here to check out the view of Xiamen

4. 竹葉貢糖

デザートショップ · 1件の Tip

Josh W.Josh W: Gong tang (peanut candy) is the gift to get in Kinmen

黃厝三層樓 is one of Kinmen.

5. 黃厝三層樓

黃厝23-1, 金門縣, 金門縣
カフェ · 2個のヒントとレビュー

Josh W.Josh W: Get the taro meal! Save room for the taro shaved ice... so good

好日子咖啡 Good Day Coffee is one of Kinmen.

6. 好日子咖啡 Good Day Coffee

Kinhu Township
カフェ · Tipまたはレビューなし
阿芬海產店 is one of Kinmen.

7. 阿芬海產店

カテゴリに属さない · Tipまたはレビューなし
陽翟老街 is one of Kinmen.

8. 陽翟老街

パブリックアート · 1件の Tip

Josh W.Josh W: Film set from the 2014 film "Paradise in Service (軍中樂園)" that is a step back in time to 1969

馬山觀測所 is one of Kinmen.

9. 馬山觀測所

金門縣, 金門縣
史跡 · 1件の Tip

Rafa L.Rafa L.: There is a 2km only channel between two side when the low tide. You can see clearly for both sides.

10. 古多利咖啡 GoDuoLi Cafe & Beans

光華路二段360號, Kinsha Township
コーヒーショップ · 1件の Tip

Josh W.Josh W: Chill place to grab a coffee en route to Mashan, but skip the kaoliang coffee

八二三戰史館 is one of Kinmen.

11. 八二三戰史館

Jincheng, 金門縣
博物館 · Tipまたはレビューなし
金門太武山 is one of Kinmen.

12. 金門太武山

山岳 · 1件の Tip

Rafa L.Rafa L.: Fantastic view from the top.(253m) Less than 30 min you can reach it from the entrance.

老爹牛肉麵 is one of Kinmen.

13. 老爹牛肉麵

金湖鎮武德新莊26號, 金門縣, 金門縣
麺類店 · 1件の Tip

Josh W.Josh W: Beef noodles, beef dumplings, and the scallion pockets were so good!

北山播音站 is one of Kinmen.

14. 北山播音站

ラジオ局 · 1件の Tip

Rafa L.Rafa L.: 「甜蜜蜜」強力播放中!

古寧頭戦史館 is one of Kinmen.

15. 古寧頭戦史館

(古寧頭戰史館 Guningtou Battle Museum)
金寧鎮古寧頭, Jincheng, 金門縣
史跡 · 2個のヒントとレビュー

William K.William Kan: An interesting war museum on the history of the civil war, the place is not big so you can finish it within 30 mins top. A few hundred metre's walk from where you get off your car though.

雪屋甜品屋 is one of Kinmen.

16. 雪屋甜品屋

Kincheng Township
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金門県総兵署 is one of Kinmen.

17. 金門県総兵署

浯江街53号, 金門縣, 金門縣
史跡 · 2個のヒントとレビュー
金門牛家莊 is one of Kinmen.

18. 金門牛家莊

民族路318巷5號, 金門縣, 金門縣
中華料理店 · 2個のヒントとレビュー

Josh W.Josh W: The set menus are fresh, varied, and delicious. They also come out fast! The hot pot was also great... I could drink the soup (after cooking, with the beef flavor infused) for forever

模範街 is one of Kinmen.

19. 模範街

模範街, Jincheng, 金門縣
道路 · 1件の Tip

20. 上善若水民宿

Kincheng Township
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