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Golden Beach is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

1. Golden Beach

(Χρυσή Ακτή)
Χρυσή Ακτή, Πάρος, キクラデス諸島
海岸 · 53個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: One of the top three beaches in Paros. This is a big one, offering lots of space for sunbeds from various beach bars and leaving enough space for your own umbrella. Water and sand are amazing!

Χάλαρης is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

2. Χάλαρης

Πίσω Λιβάδι, Πάρος, キクラデス諸島
シーフードレストラン · 35個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Good seafood, good service, expected (because hey, Paros) pricey outcome. Sit by the sea and enjoy what a Greek taverna can offer you!

Come Back is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

3. Come Back

Νάουσα, Πάρος, キクラデス諸島
カクテルバー · 37個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Sit by the water, enjoy the romantic view, have a drink or a nice cocktail, listen to some nice music. Nothing extremely amazing, rather a safe choice. Not bad!

Βικτωρας is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

4. Βικτωρας

Naousa, Πάρος, キクラデス諸島
パン屋 · 5個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: This bakery gives a cult vibe. It doesn't have great food, but the food feels and tastes like the 80's. The famous chocolate croissant is actually very mediocre but huge and has tons of nutella in it!

Lolantonis Beach is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

5. Lolantonis Beach

Πάρος, キクラデス諸島
海岸 · 14個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: This here is a good little beach, without sunbeds and clubbing music all around. Come with your umbrella or fight for some shade beneath the trees. Water is great, beach is OK. Bar serves the usual.

Nonna Crema is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

6. Nonna Crema

Νάουσα, Πάρος, キクラデス諸島
アイスクリームショップ · 24個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: These guys know their gelato! They have a good (about 16 tastes) and very interesting (peanut butter, ricotta with figs, creme brulee etc) selection, AND they make their own fresh waffle cones! Top!!

Sommaripa Consolato is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

7. Sommaripa Consolato

Νάουσα, Πάρος, キクラデス諸島
カクテルバー · 50個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Quick service, great cocktails, amazing view over the small harbour. Do you need more? Didn't think so!

Souvlaki is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

8. Souvlaki

Αντίπαρος, キクラデス諸島
スブラキ店 · 30個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Although the service is really slow (ok we shouldn't care about "slow" when on vacation), the final product is actually good. Prices are high (yes I know this is no news) and location is A+.

F/B Πάρος-Αντίπαρος is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

9. F/B Πάρος-Αντίπαρος

Εν Πλω
ボートまたはフェリー · 17個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Fastest (7 minutes) and cheapest (2016: 1,3 € per person) F/B ride of your life!

Mikri Santa Maria is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

10. Mikri Santa Maria

(Μικρή Σάντα Μαρία)
Σάντα Μαρία, Πάρος, キクラデス諸島
海岸 · 25個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: One of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Perfect sand, perfect water. Too crowded, no room for your own umbrella and towel, packed with sunbeds (2016: 15€ a pair). I like it a lot!

Klarinos Taverna is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

11. Klarinos Taverna

Πάρος, キクラデス諸島
ギリシャ料理店 · 23個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: This is not the most beautiful place in the village, but it is a good choice. The food is good (not dreamy) and the service is mostly fast. Prices are higher than expected, but hey, this is Paros.

TGI Fridays is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

12. TGI Fridays

PierOne (στη Μαρίνα Φλοίσβου), Παλαιό Φάληρο, Αττική
アメリカ料理店 · Φλοίσβος · 208個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: You know, TGIF. You know about the food, it's good. You know about the service and the style too. This one here also has a great location, by the sea, in the marina. Nothing can go wrong.

Ταβέρνα Ζέρζοβα is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

13. Ταβέρνα Ζέρζοβα

Παναγιά Αρκαδίας, Panayía, Αρκαδία
タベルナ · 61個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: It's a bit far (25' from Dimitsana) but it's worth the drive. In a beautiful little village, a beautiful tavern with really good food. Friendly service and good ingredients are the keys to success!

Cine Thisio is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

14. Cine Thisio

(Σινέ Θησείον)
Αποστόλου Παύλου 7, アテネ, Αττική
映画館 · Φιλοπάππου · 52個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Voted amongst the best open air cinemas in the world, this one really deserves it. Do not care about what movie is on, just come here (be here 10' prior to showtime), sit towards the back, and enjoy.

Karaköy Güllüoğlu is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

15. Karaköy Güllüoğlu

Αγίου Αλεξάνδρου 5, Παλαιό Φάληρο, Αττική
デザートショップ · Φλοίσβος · 4個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: If you like your calories, come here to taste some turkish delights! Baklava in all its forms and glory, straight from the masters themselves! Always fresh, always yummy, always sweet.

Charlotte is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

16. Charlotte

Ακτή Κουμουνδούρου 38, ピレウス, Αττική
ワインバー · 50個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Charlotte belongs here more than most places in the area. It has nice decoration, tasty music (jazz/bossa n/cuban), decent service. Drinks are ok, the food could (should) be better. Sit by the sea!

Mare Marina is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

17. Mare Marina

Μαρίνα Φλοίσβου (Κτίριο 6), Παλαιό Φάληρο, Αττική
カフェ · Φλοίσβος · 139個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Well, this is a decent place for food (pricey) or drink (normal for Athens, so pricey again). You have to love the sea-marina-yachts view. Service is quite good.

Flisvos Marina is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

18. Flisvos Marina

(Μαρίνα Φλοίσβου)
Λεωφ. Ποσειδώνος, Παλαιό Φάληρο, Αττική
港 / マリーナ · Φλοίσβος · 235個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Nice hot-spot for a bite or a drink or a walk by the sea around yachts. Car free zone. Too crowded sometimes. My favourite: get a beer and relax next to the water.

Varoulko Seaside is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

19. Varoulko Seaside

(Βαρούλκο Seaside)
Ακτή Κουμουνδούρου 52, ピレウス, Αττική
モダンギリシャ料理店 · Μικρολίμανο, Attica · 149個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Varoulko is a top fish restaurant, the baby of the infamous Greek chef L. Lazarou. You come here to eat high-end fish and seafood, by the sea, in a beautiful restaurant with great service. JUST DO IT.

Kenko Modish Sushi Bar is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

20. Kenko Modish Sushi Bar

Ελευθερίου Βενιζέλου 22, Νέα Σμύρνη, Αττική
寿司屋 · Νέα Σμύρνη · 70個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Πραγματικά ευχάριστη έκπληξη! Το φαγητό πολύ καλό σε όλα του, Μεγάλη ποικιλία και πρωτότυπες επιλογές, ο χώρος εξαιρετικός, ελπίζουμε να κρατήσει!

Ark is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

21. Ark

Γρηγορίου Λαμπράκη 2, アテネ, Αττική
シーフードレストラン · Γλυφάδα · 224個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Easy spot by the water for a relaxed coffee, bite or drink. Prices are high. Lots of space but often packed. No special character.

アテネ is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

22. アテネ

· 101個のヒントとレビュー
Καλό Ψημένο is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

23. Καλό Ψημένο

Ιπποκράτους 39 (Ναυαρίνου), アテネ, Αττική
スブラキ店 · Εξάρχεια · 60個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Easy for a souvlaki/gyros-based quick bite. Quality is fastfoody, but it doesn't pretend to be something else.

Aleria is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

24. Aleria

Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου 57, アテネ, Αττική
モダンギリシャ料理店 · Κεραμεικός · 89個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Aleria is a perfect experience. Place looks awesome and romantic, service is top, menu has great choices. Everything, EVERYTHING we ate was amazing. I could tell why each ingredient was in my food!!!

Onassis Cultural Center Athens is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

25. Onassis Cultural Center Athens

(Στέγη του Ιδρύματος Ωνάση)
Λεωφ. Συγγρού 107 (Λεοντίου), アテネ, Αττική
舞台芸術 · Άγιος Σωστής · 65個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Great art venue. A piece of Europe in Athens. And good food choices around!

ティーアガルテン is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

26. ティーアガルテン

Straße des 17. Juni, ベルリン, ベルリン
公園 · Tiergarten · 224個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Amazing city center park. Nature at its best, you forget where you are. The lakes, the grass fields, the trees, the flowers... LOVE this place!

Markthalle Neun is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

27. Markthalle Neun

Eisenbahnstr. 42 / 43, ベルリン, ベルリン
フードコート · Kreuzberg · 464個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Street Food Thursday: a reason to be alive. I cannot describe the joy of tasting world street food in a cosy happy atmosphere. This is a MUST.

Maroush is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

28. Maroush

Adalbertstr. 93, ベルリン, ベルリン
中東料理店 · Kreuzberg · 204個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: Shawarma here is seriously good. Place is too kreuzbergy, but this ain't a bad thing.

ORA is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

29. ORA

Oranienplatz 14, ベルリン, ベルリン
カクテルバー · Kreuzberg · 131個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: What's not to like? The good coffee? The great cocktails? The amazing old pharmacy interior? The beautiful outside space? Great one!

Café am Neuen See is one of Vangelisさんのお気に入りスポット.

30. Café am Neuen See

Lichtensteinallee 2, ベルリン, ベルリン
ビアガーデン · Tiergarten · 275個のヒントとレビュー

Vangelis K.Vangelis Koukidis: If you don't like this place, go see a doc. Food is GREAT (looooove the crispy thin salami pizza), beer is cold, air is fresh, view is amazing, and the nature is exhilarating. Do NOT miss this.