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Harvey Nichols is one of England.

1. Harvey Nichols

21 New Cathedral Street, Manchester
デパート · City Centre · 18個のヒントとレビュー
Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym is one of England.

2. Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym

Kingston Park, Hull, Kingston upon Hull
ジム · 6個のヒントとレビュー

3. The Prince Bonaparte

80 Chepstow Rd, ロンドン, Greater London
カテゴリに属さない · Hayes · 1件の Tip
Park Plaza Westminster Bridge is one of England.

4. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

200 Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, ロンドン, Greater London
ホテル · Waterloo · 190個のヒントとレビュー
Next is one of England.

5. Next

Ferensway (Ferensway), Hull, Kingston upon Hull
衣料品店 · 2個のヒントとレビュー
Eltham Palace and Gardens is one of England.

6. Eltham Palace and Gardens

Court Rd, Eltham, Greater London
史跡 · Eltham South · 19個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: This glamorous Art Deco London showpiece as built in 1936, next to the remains of a medieval royal palace, and surrounded by 19 acres of garden. A striking visit!

ロンドン塔 is one of England.

7. ロンドン塔

(Tower of London)
Tower Hill, ロンドン, Greater London
· St. Katharine's and Wapping · 581個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: The best place to visit if you want to learn more about London’s history. And of course it houses the Crown Jewels, the most famous jewellery collection in the world

タワーブリッジ is one of England.

8. タワーブリッジ

(Tower Bridge)
Tower Bridge Rd, ロンドン, Greater London
· St. Katharine's and Wapping · 466個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: This iconic London landmark even has a private venue for hire, with wonderful views over the City. Is it London’s most stylish party venue?

The Argyle is one of England.

9. The Argyle

1 Greville Street (at Leather Ln), ロンドン, Greater London
パブ · Holborn and Covent Garden · 18個のヒントとレビュー
The Driver is one of England.

10. The Driver

2-4 Wharfdale Rd, ロンドン, Greater London
ガストロパブ · Caledonian · 20個のヒントとレビュー
Royal Academy of Arts is one of England.

11. Royal Academy of Arts

50-52 Piccadilly, ロンドン, Greater London
美術館 · Mayfair · 135個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: Visit the annual summer exhibition, which is London’s largest open submission art exhibition. It has been going for 242 years, and is an incredible collection of established and emerging artists.

House of Fraser is one of England.

12. House of Fraser

101 Victoria St, ロンドン, Greater London
デパート · City of Westminster · 13個のヒントとレビュー
Covent Garden Market is one of England.

13. Covent Garden Market

The Piazza, ロンドン, Greater London
ショッピングプラザ · City of Westminster · 342個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: The market is bustling with shoppers, tourists and performers on the weekend. Except for the many restaurants and cafes, there is also the famous Royal Opera.

Park Plaza County Hall is one of England.

14. Park Plaza County Hall

1 Addington Street, Lambeth, ロンドン, Greater London
ホテル · Waterloo · 48個のヒントとレビュー
The London Eye is one of England.

15. The London Eye

The Queen's Walk (Belvedere Rd), ロンドン, Greater London
展望台 · Waterloo · 988個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: The best place to sip champagne in one of the 32 capsules and watch the sun go down over London.

トラファルガー広場 is one of England.

16. トラファルガー広場

(Trafalgar Square)
Trafalgar Sq, ロンドン, Greater London
広場 · Piccadilly · 553個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: A wonderful place for people watching on a sunny day or as a romantic meeting place at dusk, but look out for the pigeons. A visit to the National Gallery is also highly recommended.

Sotheby's is one of England.

17. Sotheby's

34-35 New Bond St, ロンドン, Greater London
アートギャラリー · Mayfair · 20個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: This top address for fine art, this famous auction house has many regular and exciting auctions – get bidding!

バッキンガム宮殿 is one of England.

18. バッキンガム宮殿

(Buckingham Palace)
Buckingham Palace Rd, ロンドン, Greater London
宮殿 · Green Park · 620個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: While the daily changing of the guards is a tourist magnet, this majestic palace is a London icon and home of the Queen. You know that she is in residence when the flag is flying above the palace!

ロンドン・ヴィクトリア駅 (VIC) is one of England.

19. ロンドン・ヴィクトリア駅 (VIC)

(London Victoria Railway Station)
Buckingham Palace Rd, ロンドン, Greater London
鉄道駅 · City of Westminster · 300個のヒントとレビュー
Hard Rock Cafe London is one of England.

20. Hard Rock Cafe London

150 Old Park Lane (at Piccadilly), ロンドン, Greater London
アメリカ料理店 · Mayfair · 328個のヒントとレビュー
Little Italy is one of England.

21. Little Italy

22 Old London Rd, Kingston, Greater London
イタリア料理店 · Kingston upon Thames · 10個のヒントとレビュー
タワーブリッジ is one of England.

22. タワーブリッジ

(Tower Bridge)
Tower Bridge Rd, ロンドン, Greater London
· St. Katharine's and Wapping · 466個のヒントとレビュー

23. Greenwich Park

Maze Hill (Charlton Way), ロンドン, Greater London
公園 · Greenwich West · 166個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: In 1894 a French anarchist named Martial Bourdin was carrying a bomb through the park to the Observatory when it exploded and killed him. No one knows why he had decided to target the Observatory.

グリニッジ天文台 is one of England.

24. グリニッジ天文台

(Royal Observatory)
Blackheath Ave, ロンドン, Greater London
天文台 · Greenwich West · 92個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: Set in a stunning park, and sitting precisely on the Prime Meridian of the world, the Royal Observatory is a great way to spend an afternoon in South London.

National Maritime Museum is one of England.

25. National Maritime Museum

Park Row, ロンドン, Greater London
歴史博物館 · Greenwich West · 73個のヒントとレビュー

LondonistLondonist: Our favourite exhibit is the scale model of Cook's first voyage, including tiny, named figurines of all the crew on board.

Canary Wharf is one of England.

26. Canary Wharf

ロンドン, Greater London
地域 · 71個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: The name of this place has nothing to do with birds, but with the exotic goods that were once brought here from the Canary Islands. Canary comes from the Latin ‘canaria’, so ‘Islands of the dogs’.

Potters Fields Park is one of England.

27. Potters Fields Park

Potters Fields (Tooley St), ロンドン, Greater London
公園 · Riverside · 13個のヒントとレビュー
シティ・ホール ロンドン is one of England.

28. シティ・ホール ロンドン

(City Hall (Greater London Authority))
The Queen's Walk, ロンドン, Greater London
市役所 · Riverside · 30個のヒントとレビュー

LondonistLondonist: If the till person in the cafe asks 'are you staff', say "Yes," without hesitation, to receive a discount. They don't check.

29. The Square Mile | City of London

Greater London, Greater London
· 30個のヒントとレビュー

Patrick M.Patrick McFadden: Unless you are a tourist or have a penchant for Bankers, avoid this place like the plague.

The London Dungeon is one of England.

30. The London Dungeon

Westminster Bridge Rd (Belvedere Rd), ロンドン, Greater London
娯楽全般 · Waterloo · 133個のヒントとレビュー

Chelsea S.Chelsea Snyder: Jack the Ripper is the best scene!!!

ロンドン橋 is one of England.

31. ロンドン橋

(London Bridge)
A3 London Bridge (btwn City of London & Southwark), ロンドン, Greater London
· City of London · 132個のヒントとレビュー

BBC World ServiceBBC World Service: We've got a documentary on the history of London Bridge available to listen to while you are here. Click this tip to get the mp3 続きを読む

ロンドン博物館 is one of England.

32. ロンドン博物館

(Museum of London)
150 London Wall, ロンドン, Greater London
歴史博物館 · Aldersgate · 146個のヒントとレビュー
セント・ポール大聖堂 is one of England.

33. セント・ポール大聖堂

(St Paul's Cathedral)
St Paul's Church Yard, ロンドン, Greater London
教会 · City of London · 274個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: The first national lottery was held in 1569, and the result was announced at the west door of (the old) St.Paul’s cathedral. It is unknown if the winner let it change him.

Millennium Bridge is one of England.

34. Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge (btwn St Paul's and Bankside), ロンドン, Greater London
· South Bank · 153個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: The bridge had to close within days of its opening in 2000 because of a slight wobble, which caused people to walk in step with each other, causing the wobble to become much worse!

テート モダン is one of England.

35. テート モダン

(Tate Modern)
53 Bankside, ロンドン, Greater London
美術館 · South Bank · 824個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: The Bankside Power Station was built as a ‘cathedral of power’ in 1963, but closed in 1981. It reopened as one of Europe’s finest modern art galleries in 2000. The Turbine Hall is 35m high.

Blackfriars Bridge is one of England.

36. Blackfriars Bridge

Blackfriars Bridge, ロンドン, Greater London
· South Bank · 24個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: The downstream (seaward) side of the bridge is decorated with stone sculptures of sea birds, whilst the upstream side is decorated with fresh water birds.

Imperial War Museum is one of England.

37. Imperial War Museum

Lambeth Rd, London, Greater London
歴史博物館 · Lambeth, London, Greater London · 139個のヒントとレビュー
サマセット・ハウス is one of England.

38. サマセット・ハウス

(Somerset House)
Strand, ロンドン, Greater London
イベントスペース · City of Westminster · 156個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: Even if you are not visiting one of the many exhibitions and events organised here throughout the year, come to sit in its beautiful and quiet neoclassical courtyard away from London’s busy streets.

Waterloo Bridge is one of England.

39. Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge, ロンドン, Greater London
· London · 74個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: The second bridge here was completed in 1945. Because there was a war on, much of the work was carried out by women and so this used to be known as ‘the ladies’ bridge’.

大英図書館 is one of England.

40. 大英図書館

(British Library)
96 Euston Rd, ロンドン, Greater London
図書館 · 182個のヒントとレビュー

LondonistLondonist: The temporary exhibitions are always worth a look, no more so than the current Maps exhibition. Reasonably good for free wifi, but can be patchy. Love the quirky gift shop.

Russell Square is one of England.

41. Russell Square

Russell Sq, ロンドン, Greater London
広場 · Bloomsbury · 63個のヒントとレビュー

BenBen: A lovely place to go on a summers day. It does quite busy with all the students nearby though. There is also a little fountain in the middle.

Hungerford & Golden Jubilee Bridges is one of England.

42. Hungerford & Golden Jubilee Bridges

Btwn Embankment & Waterloo, ロンドン, Greater London
· Charing Cross · 47個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: These award-winning footbridges opened in 2002. The engineers had to contend with the Bakerloo Line just under the river, and the risk of unexploded WW2 bombs in the riverbed!

大英博物館 is one of England.

43. 大英博物館

(British Museum)
Great Russell St (btwn Montague & Bloomsbury St), ロンドン, Greater London
歴史博物館 · Bloomsbury · 993個のヒントとレビュー

USA TODAYUSA TODAY: The British Museum has more than 7 million objects from every continent, some of which have been controversial. 続きを読む

Covent Garden is one of England.

44. Covent Garden

ロンドン, Greater London
地域 · 278個のヒントとレビュー

Forbidden PlanetForbidden Planet: You're very close to the Best Geek Store in the World... well, we think so anyway. Find us at the top of Neal Street!

Westminster Bridge is one of England.

45. Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge Rd. (Victoria Embankment), ロンドン, Greater London
· Waterloo · 114個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: Westminster Bridge is painted green, the same colour as the seats in the House of Commons, which it is nearer to. Likewise neighbouring Lambeth Bridge is painted red, the colour of the Lords.

チャリング・クロス駅 (CHX) is one of England.

46. チャリング・クロス駅 (CHX)

(Charing Cross Railway Station)
Strand, ロンドン, Greater London
鉄道駅 · Charing Cross · 80個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: This place is named after a cross put here by Edward I in 1290. He erected 12 crosses in all, each marking where his queen’s body rested overnight, en route from Lincoln to burial at Westminster.

ナショナル・ポートレート・ギャラリー is one of England.

47. ナショナル・ポートレート・ギャラリー

(National Portrait Gallery)
St. Martin's Pl, ロンドン, Greater London
アートギャラリー · Piccadilly · 192個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: One of the gallery’s most famous pictures is the Chandos portrait, which is said to be of William Shakespeare by his friend Richard Burbage. But some dispute its provenance.

Camden Town is one of England.

48. Camden Town

ロンドン, Greater London
地域 · 150個のヒントとレビュー

Citizens AdviceCitizens Advice: In the area around here we saw 58% more threatened homelessness related problems than last year but enquiries about social housing rent arrears were down 18%.

トラファルガー広場 is one of England.

49. トラファルガー広場

(Trafalgar Square)
Trafalgar Sq, ロンドン, Greater London
広場 · Piccadilly · 553個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: Every year a Norway Spruce is erected here and decorated as part of the Christmas festivities. The tree is a gift of thanks from the Norwegians for Britain's support during the Second World War

ナショナル・ギャラリー is one of England.

50. ナショナル・ギャラリー

(National Gallery)
Trafalgar Sq, ロンドン, Greater London
美術館 · Piccadilly · 514個のヒントとレビュー

LondonistLondonist: Look out for the mosaic floors in the main entrance and stairwell. Fascinating. Work by the same artist can be seen at Tate Britain.

Modern Art Oxford is one of England.

51. Modern Art Oxford

30 Pembroke St, オックスフォード, Oxfordshire
アートギャラリー · 7個のヒントとレビュー
Royal Albert Dock is one of England.

52. Royal Albert Dock

Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool
港 / マリーナ · 83個のヒントとレビュー

FlorentFlorent: have a walk & smoke some kush

Liverpool ONE is one of England.

53. Liverpool ONE

Paradise St (Wall St), リヴァプール, リヴァプール
ショッピングモール · Central Liverpool · 55個のヒントとレビュー
ユーストン駅 (EUS) is one of England.

54. ユーストン駅 (EUS)

(London Euston Railway Station)
Euston Rd, Euston, Greater London
鉄道駅 · 295個のヒントとレビュー
The Sailmakers is one of England.

55. The Sailmakers

St Andrews Quay, Hull, Kingston upon Hull
パブ · 8個のヒントとレビュー
ロンドン塔 is one of England.

56. ロンドン塔

(Tower of London)
Tower Hill, ロンドン, Greater London
· St. Katharine's and Wapping · 581個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: From 1235 until 1835, the monarch’s personal zoo was kept at the Tower, and it included many exotic animals given as presents by other monarchs, including polar bears, leopards and elephants.

Design Museum is one of England.

57. Design Museum

28 Shad Thames, ロンドン, Greater London
美術館 · Riverside · 94個のヒントとレビュー

LondonistLondonist: Small museum with interesting exhibits and fantastic shop. Definitely worth the entrance fee.

The Shard is one of England.

58. The Shard

32 London Bridge St, ロンドン, Greater London
建物 · Bermondsey · 138個のヒントとレビュー

HISTORY UKHISTORY UK: Standing at 310m high, the Shard will own the title of the EU's tallest building when completed in 2012. In 1098 the White Tower was named Britain's tallest building standing at a mere 27m tall.

Borough Market is one of England.

59. Borough Market

Southwark St, ロンドン, Greater London
農産物直売所 · South Bank · 1052個のヒントとレビュー

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton: Do visit this bustling food market where top London chefs come to buy their ingredients. If you don’t find it here, where will you? Open from Thursday to Saturday, but come early to avoid the crowds! 続きを読む

Park Inn by Radisson is one of England.

60. Park Inn by Radisson

Bath Rd, ヒースロー, Greater London
ホテル · Harlington · 60個のヒントとレビュー
Aldgate London Underground Station is one of England.

61. Aldgate London Underground Station

Aldgate High St, ロンドン, Greater London
地下鉄駅 · City of London · 11個のヒントとレビュー