Life in Charlottesville
McGrady's Irish Pub is one of Life in Charlottesville.

1. McGrady's Irish Pub

946 Grady Ave, シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: Miller Lite is good. Or else I wouldn't have been there every Thursday playing Flipcup.

Court Square Tavern is one of Life in Charlottesville.

2. Court Square Tavern

500 Court Sq #305 (at 5th & E Jefferson), シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: These two extremely sexy guys, Matt and Greg, hang out there a lot. Sometimes they have a French dude with them. I used to go just to stare at them from a distance and swoon.

Beer Run is one of Life in Charlottesville.

3. Beer Run

156 Carlton Rd Ste 203 (at Meade Ave.), シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: Free beer tastings on Wednesday, and EXCELLENT selection. Only place you can find Bourbon Barrel Stout in Charlottesville.

The Virginian Restaurant is one of Life in Charlottesville.

4. The Virginian Restaurant

1521 University Ave (at Elliewood Ave), シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: My college years would have been SO much better if I had known they serve Starr Hill The Love on tap.

5. Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF)

114 4th St SE (Water Street), シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: Home of The Future Fund, a giving circle for 20, 30 and 40-somethings in Charlottesville. Click 'Done' if you've received an e-mail from me about it.

Cinema Taco is one of Life in Charlottesville.

6. Cinema Taco

110 E Main St (Downtown Mall), シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: Best quesadilla on the mall. Fact.

Baja Bean Co. is one of Life in Charlottesville.

7. Baja Bean Co.

1327 W Main St (at 14th St.), シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: My favorite part was always playing Big Buck Hunter upstairs. And the one time I took tequila shots there in celebration of having a snow day at work.

Bodo's Bagels is one of Life in Charlottesville.

8. Bodo's Bagels

1609 University Ave (btwn Chancellor St & Elliewood Ave), シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: Guaranteed hangover cure: poppy seed bagel with lox & cream cheese, and a whole day in bed watching online television.

Albemarle Baking Company is one of Life in Charlottesville.

9. Albemarle Baking Company

418 W Main St, シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: Macarons rival Ladurée's.

Take It Away is one of Life in Charlottesville.

10. Take It Away

115 Elliewood Ave, シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: Who says a sandwich can't be a party? Wheat bread, roast beef, watercress, cheddar & house dressing--For a while I convinced myself all I needed in life was this sandwich and Nip/Tuck.

The Box is one of Life in Charlottesville.

11. The Box

109 2nd St SE, シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: One of the few good places to dance in Charlottesville w/o having to pay a cover charge and w/o getting grinded on by strangers. Just don't order a sakebomb because they make them with orange juice :(

Miller's Downtown is one of Life in Charlottesville.

12. Miller's Downtown

109 W Main St (Downtown Mall), シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: The top floor pool table and bar is great for when you're feeling creepy or when you're dressed up as a Black Sabbath song for Halloween and no one gets it. (I speak from experience)

Petit Pois is one of Life in Charlottesville.

13. Petit Pois

201 E Main St (at 2nd St NE), シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: Power lunch yourself into a food coma with the escargots and steak frites. Yum!

Mas is one of Life in Charlottesville.

14. Mas

904 Monticello Rd, シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: Bacon-wrapped dates and then some. And by some, I mean the carne asada, cheese plate, assorted pomegranate margaritas and a pitcher of sangria to split between fantastic friends.

Crossfit Charlottesville is one of Life in Charlottesville.

15. Crossfit Charlottesville

1309 Belleview Ave #2, シャーロッツビル, VA
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Sofia C.Sofia Case: The On Ramp program is great for beginners. It's fun to meet all the new people and see how much ass you can kick by the end of the third week. DO IT!