Oklahoma's Top Museums
Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

1. Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

620 N Harvey Ave (at NW 5th St), オクラホマシティ, OK
博物館 · Downtown Oklahoma City · 71個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: History will tell the story of a place whose people bonded together and how the whole world came to know it as "The Heartland". The memorial grounds that lay between the Gates of Time will move you. 続きを読む

Chickasaw Cultural Center is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

2. Chickasaw Cultural Center

867 Charles F Cooper Memorial Dr, Sulphur, OK
博物館 · 9個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: The Chickasaw spirit resonates in the Cultural Center's 3 buildings and 109 acres. Watch the video projected on the water in the Spirit Forest and follow the holograms in the Stomp Dance Gallery. 続きを読む

American Banjo Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

3. American Banjo Museum

9 E Sheridan Ave (In Bricktown), オクラホマシティ, OK
博物館 · Bricktown · 5個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Trace the history of the banjo and peruse the impressive collection of over 300 ornate banjos. Save money with a coupon for $2 off admission at http://www.travelok.com/printable-coupons. 続きを読む

Cherokee Heritage Center is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

4. Cherokee Heritage Center

21192 S Keeler Dr, Tahlequah, OK
歴史博物館 · 2個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Shoot a blowgun dart, try your hand at stickball and learn about the lifestyle of the Cherokee people before European contact when you take a guided tour of the Ancient Village here. 続きを読む

Chisholm Trail Heritage Center is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

5. Chisholm Trail Heritage Center

1000 Chisholm Trail Pkwy, Duncan, OK
歴史博物館 · 6個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: The cattle drive movie in the Experience Theater comes with surprises like your seat rumbling during the stampede, getting sprayed during the river crossing and smelling the bacon as it cooks. 続きを読む

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

6. Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

555 Elm Ave, ノーマン, OK
美術館 · 12個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Extraordinary collection includes major works by some of the most beloved artists of all time including Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Pierre Renoir, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Ansel Adams and more. 続きを読む

Gaylord-Pickens Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

7. Gaylord-Pickens Museum

1400 Classen Dr, オクラホマシティ, OK
歴史博物館 · Central Oklahoma City · 4個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Hi-tech video exhibits cover famous Oklahomans you'll recognize. Record your story and receive a copy for posterity. Save $2 per person on admission at http://www.travelok.com/printable-coupons. 続きを読む

Jasmine Moran Children's Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

8. Jasmine Moran Children's Museum

1714 W Wrangler Blvd, Seminole, OK
博物館 · 6個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: There's so much to see and do here, the kids will beg to stay. Hands-on exhibits let kids try out grown up careers and the outdoor maze and 1/2 mile train ride provide fresh-air fun. 続きを読む

Mabee Gerrer Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

9. Mabee Gerrer Museum

1900 W MacArthur St, ショーニー, OK
美術館 · 4個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Plenty of unexpected surprises here including shrunken heads from the Amazon, mummies, a mummified cat and Samurai weapons in addition to the world-class art by American and European artists. 続きを読む

Museum of the Red River is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

10. Museum of the Red River

812 E Lincoln Rd, Idabel, OK
博物館 · 3個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Free admission at this amazing museum where a locally-found dinosaur is the centerpiece. Also houses a specatacular collection of pre-Columbian Middle/South American archaeological artifacts & more. 続きを読む

Oklahoma City Museum of Art is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

11. Oklahoma City Museum of Art

415 Couch Dr (Hudson & NW 3rd), オクラホマシティ, OK
美術館 · Downtown Oklahoma City · 32個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Art inspires the soul at the OKCMOA with stunning works that include Dale Chihuly glass sculptures, independent films in the theater & culinary masterpieces in the museum cafe. 続きを読む

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

12. Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

2401 Chautauqua Ave, ノーマン, OK
歴史博物館 · 15個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Ride the "dinovator" elevator up to see the world's largest Apatosaurus eye-to-eye. Lots of dinosaurs, prehistoric fish and much more. Get 2-for-1 admission http://www.travelok.com/printable-coupons. 続きを読む

Science Museum Oklahoma is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

13. Science Museum Oklahoma

2100 NE 52nd St (at N. Martin Luther King Ave.), オクラホマシティ, OK
科学博物館 · Central Oklahoma City · 44個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: The Destination Space exhibit offers all kinds of hands on exhibits that encourage young ones to reach for the stars. Also don't miss seeing a show in Oklahoma's original planetarium. 続きを読む

Stafford Air and Space Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

14. Stafford Air and Space Museum

3000 Logan Rd, Weatherford, OK
科学博物館 · 7個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Boasts one of the few actual Titan II rocket launch vehicles on display anywhere, an impressive collection of Apollo and Gemini mission items, a Russian MiG21R and an F16 plus much more. 続きを読む

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

15. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

1700 NE 63rd St (Kelly), オクラホマシティ, OK
歴史博物館 · 35個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Marvel at the stunning "End of the Trail" sculpture as you enter and then admire one of the world's best collections of Western art and history. 続きを読む

Oklahoma History Center is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

16. Oklahoma History Center

800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr (Laird), オクラホマシティ, OK
歴史博物館 · Central Oklahoma City · 14個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Oklahoma's premier history museum featuring everything from pioneer life to space capsules used by Oklahoma's astronauts. The Rock & Roll exhibit and the Native American exhibits are exceptional. 続きを読む

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

17. Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

2247 W Gary Blvd, Clinton, OK
博物館 · 7個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Cruise through the history of the "Mother Road" in Oklahoma at this great museum. Exhibits are organized by decade so you can go from Model Ts to classic diners to a hippie VW bus. 続きを読む

Will Rogers Memorial Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

18. Will Rogers Memorial Museum

1720 W Will Rogers Blvd, Claremore, OK
歴史博物館 · 9個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Twelve galleries are filled with Will Rogers memorabilia and a theater features film clips of Rogers performing roping tricks and more. Rogers' tomb is on the grounds of this Route 66 area museum. 続きを読む

Gilcrease Museum is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

19. Gilcrease Museum

1400 N Gilcrease Museum Rd (at W. Newton St.), タルサ, OK
美術館 · 15個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: One of the world's most comprehensive collections of Western art. Remingtons, Russells and notable American Indian works. The first Tuesday of the month admission is FREE! 続きを読む

Philbrook Museum of Art is one of Oklahoma's Top Museums.

20. Philbrook Museum of Art

2727 S Rockford Rd (at E. 27th Pl.), タルサ, OK
美術館 · Philbrook · 35個のヒントとレビュー

TravelOKTravelOK: Outstanding international art collections featuring everything from Rodin sculpture to African masks and master paintings in an Italian-style villa. Also enjoy the 23 acres of magnificent gardens. 続きを読む