Hell's Kitchen, ニューヨーク
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  • Michael C.
    "Sliders (スライダー), wings, tofu, kimchi, short rib, hamachi Just eat and enjoy!"(58 つの Tips)
    Thomas M.
    "Spicy kfc wings, bulgolgi sliders and kimchi bacon paella (パエリア) are musts."(18 つの Tips)
    Emilie F.
    "Get the kimchi (キムチ) trios as a side, and be sure to order the sashimi."(31 つの Tips)
    "Great, modern Korean tapas (タパス) using amazing ingredients."(12 つの Tips)
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  • キムチ
  • パエリア
  • トレンディ
  • 豆腐

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  • Rebbi B.
    Rebbi Burdett9月 22, 2013
    Sable fish was very good. Restaurant had a very loud atmosphere.
  • Allan B.
    Allan Beaufour2月 18, 2017
    Get the tasting menu. You won't regret it.
  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H1月 29, 2011
    Sean is one of the best bartenders I ever had the privilege to meet in NYC! This guy is no joke. I love this place.
  • Steven B.
    Steven Birkeland6月 13, 2012
    Try the Steak Tartare With Quail Egg - Thought I was going to miss the mustard. Not so much!!!
  • Peter P.
    Peter Pham8月 29, 2011
    Order the bulgogi sliders, the paella, steak tar tar, and KFC
  • Sarah B.
    Sarah Brink5月 13, 2016
    Good atmosphere. Great food. Recommend
  • Brandon R.
    Brandon Roman9月 6, 2013
    Great food, and even better service! Loved it!
  • Nicole H.
    Nicole H1月 14, 2012
    Try the pork belly sliders - delicious! Everything here was great
  • Alex N.
    Alex Nguyen6月 8, 2015
    bo ssam and fried chicken are a+
  • Alex R.
    Alex Ravenel6月 15, 2016
    Japchae and sliders were good. Tiny space, be prepared to wait.
  • Michelle S.
    Michelle S4月 14, 2013
    While the food was satisfactory, I was "meh" about the food. It is "Americanized Korean-fusion". I guess I expected more being that it is Michelin rated. Go to K-Town for your Korean food fix.
  • schneidermike s.
    Pork belly sliders FTW!!! "Luke, I am your father"-level awesome
  • Rob H.
    Rob Hellauer12月 23, 2016
    Amazing meal. Small portions. Would go back
  • Sara S.
    Sara States6月 28, 2013
    This place is awesome. They have a modern menu and a traditional Korean menu.
  • Ajitha K.
    Ajitha Kymal12月 24, 2016
    Fall mesclun salad was amazing. Not very vegetarian friendly!!! 😐
  • JM P.
    JM Parveaux2月 7, 2016
    Amazing prix-fixe value!
  • Sudhir K.
    Sudhir Kandula1月 19, 2012
    Had a great dinner w/ Steph,.,, great pancake & sliders!!! Need to eat more!! (4 of 4 petals via Fondu) 続きを見る
  • Freddie P.
    Freddie P1月 12, 2012
    Love this place. Get the spicy pork belly Dup Bop for lunch.
  • Ozgun A.
    Ozgun Ataman3月 14, 2012
    The sliders are amazing - both are a must have!!
  • Louise M.
    Louise Messer6月 30, 2018
    Atmosphere, food & vibe
  • Ali
    Ali10月 25, 2014
    Get the tasting menu and some cocktails.
  • Nathan J.
    Nathan Jessop5月 19, 2018
    Best Korean in NYC. Try the tofu!
  • Gus B.
    Gus Borrmann9月 20, 2015
    Order anything. Everything is great.
  • Erik H.
    Erik Hehrmann12月 2, 2015
    I love that they play old school Jazz here.
  • Frank M.
    Frank Maguire4月 18, 2012
    Farmers market bibim - bop lunch special is fun to say and to eat
  • Aaron F.
    Aaron Fishman8月 12, 2013
    The wait was way too long. It took 90 minutes when it was only supposed to take 30 minutes. Beware, you are required to purchase 2 tapas per person to eat here. This was a ridiculous requirement.
  • Eunie C.
    Eunie C8月 15, 2012
    KFC fire chicken was yummy - need to come back for dinner for pork belly
  • Fabio T.
    Fabio Tolbar7月 14, 2012
    Food is very good. Nice vibe. I wanna come back.
  • James G.
    James Gash3月 9, 2013
    Delicious but small & pricey. People were staring at us like vultures waiting for us to finish.
  • reza setiawan ر.
    Best of the best Korean food! Simply delish & you will scream for more!
  • Major Alan "Dutch" S.
    Steak tartar, KFC wings, fried rice = SOLID
  • SJ8544123 L.
    SJ8544123 L11月 24, 2012
    Pretty trendy korean restaurant. Fantastic food but very pricey.
  • Rocco H.
    Rocco Hart3月 16, 2012
    Get here between 5:30 - 6:15 if you do not want to wait online
  • Andrea T.
    Andrea TK2月 25, 2012
    Este es uno de los tres mejores restaurantes en los que he comido en toda mi vida.
  • Indira V.
    Indira Vaidy10月 6, 2011
    Braised short ribs, bbq chicken wings, paella all good.
  • Cassandra B.
    Cassandra Bradby8月 20, 2011
    Ridiculously fast service. Good food. Solid choice :)
  • Ronak D.
    Ronak Daya8月 17, 2014
    Amazing food and delicious cocktails. Mix it up and order a variety of 4-5 dishes between 2. The "KFC" chicken and spicy cod roe pasta are a must-try!
  • Masha G.
    Masha Geller11月 24, 2014
    Sliders and kimchi are great!
  • Delicatesseny N.
    Delicatesseny NYC5月 23, 2013
    Get the delicious Farmers market bibim-bop at lunch time!!
  • Christine L.
    Christine Liang6月 23, 2011
    The sliders are a no brainer here. Don't leave the restaurant without it!
  • Eunie
    Eunie1月 31, 2014
    The bossam and duk boki are amazing!
  • Steph S.
    Steph Shih4月 1, 2018
    Great for pre-theatre, what a gem!
  • Sung H.
    Sung Hwang2月 14, 2016
    Its supposed to be like westernized korean or something. Overpriced and every korean dish they serve is sweetened or less spicy etc. Not sure if thats perceived to be progressive by others.
  • Nami K.
    Nami Kim6月 21, 2011
    Get their sliders, and you'll experience heaven. 続きを見る
  • Tanvir G.
    Tanvir Gopal5月 3, 2015
    Try the kimchi fried rice with bacon.
  • Frankee N.
    Frankee Nyc3月 15, 2016
    Awesome fusion food
  • Darren C.
    Darren Crossley4月 7, 2015
    The Pork belly and ribs- Amazing.
  • Kenan A.
    Kenan Ali9月 29, 2014
    The bulgogi sliders were divine
  • Sulee
    Sulee3月 23, 2013
    Soju sangria- btw this place is tiny!
  • Josephine S.
    Josephine Son11月 13, 2011
    Simply amazing modern Korean food! Love this place!