Extracto Coffee House & Roastery is one of Portland.

1. Extracto Coffee House & Roastery

2921 NE Killingsworth St (at NE 29th Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Tulip Shop Tavern is one of Portland.

2. Tulip Shop Tavern

825 N Killingsworth St, ポートランド, OR
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Advice Booth is one of Portland.

3. Advice Booth

5426 N Gay Ave (Killingsworth), ポートランド, OR
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Fortune is one of Portland.

4. Fortune

614 SW 11th Ave, ポートランド, OR
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Acropolis Steakhouse is one of Portland.

5. Acropolis Steakhouse

8325 SE McLoughlin Blvd (at SE Umatilla St.), ポートランド, OR
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Record Pub is one of Portland.

6. Record Pub

6034 SE Milwaukie Ave, ポートランド, OR
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Heart Coffee Roasters is one of Portland.

7. Heart Coffee Roasters

2211 E Burnside St (at NE 22nd Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Deadstock Coffee is one of Portland.

8. Deadstock Coffee

408 NW Couch St (Couch St.), ポートランド, OR
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Guilder is one of Portland.

9. Guilder

2393 NE Fremont St, ポートランド, OR
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Upper Left Roasters is one of Portland.

10. Upper Left Roasters

1204 SE Clay St, ポートランド, OR
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Proud Mary is one of Portland.

11. Proud Mary

2012 NE Alberta St (btw NE 20th & 21st Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Push X Pull is one of Portland.

12. Push X Pull

821 SE Stark St, ポートランド, OR
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Nike - Prefontaine Hall is one of Portland.

13. Nike - Prefontaine Hall

1 SW Bowerman Dr (at Nike WHQ), ビーバートン, OR
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Eem is one of Portland.

14. Eem

3808 N Williams Ave (at NE Failing St), ポートランド, OR
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Mediterranean Exploration Company is one of Portland.

15. Mediterranean Exploration Company

333 NW 13th Ave, ポートランド, OR
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Tusk is one of Portland.

16. Tusk

2448 E Burnside St (btwn 24th & 26th), ポートランド, OR
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Kann is one of Portland.

17. Kann

548 SE Ash St (SE 6th Ave), ポートランド, OR
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The Observatory is one of Portland.

18. The Observatory

8115 SE Stark St (at SE 81st Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Interurban is one of Portland.

19. Interurban

4057 N Mississippi Ave, ポートランド, OR
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Olympia Provisions SE is one of Portland.

20. Olympia Provisions SE

107 SE Washington St (at SE 3rd Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Olympia Provisions NW is one of Portland.

21. Olympia Provisions NW

1632 NW Thurman St (at NW 17th Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Fire on the Mountain is one of Portland.

22. Fire on the Mountain

4225 N Interstate Ave (at N Massachusetts St), ポートランド, OR
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Fire on the Mountain is one of Portland.

23. Fire on the Mountain

1708 E Burnside St (at SE 17th Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Fire on the Mountain is one of Portland.

24. Fire on the Mountain

3443 NE 57th Ave (at NE Fremont St.), ポートランド, OR
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Salt & Straw is one of Portland.

25. Salt & Straw

3345 SE Division St (at SE 33rd Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Salt & Straw is one of Portland.

26. Salt & Straw

838 NW 23rd Ave (at NW Kearney St), ポートランド, OR
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Coava Coffee Roasters Cafe is one of Portland.

27. Coava Coffee Roasters Cafe

1300 Southeast Grand Avenue (Main), ポートランド, OR
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Powell's City of Books is one of Portland.

28. Powell's City of Books

1005 W Burnside St (at NW 10th Ave.), ポートランド, OR
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Stumptown Coffee Roasters is one of Portland.

29. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

1026 SW Stark St. (at SW 11th Ave.), ポートランド, OR
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Breakside Brewery is one of Portland.

30. Breakside Brewery

1570 NW 22nd Ave (at NW Raleigh St), ポートランド, OR
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Wayfinder Beer is one of Portland.

31. Wayfinder Beer

304 SE 2nd Ave (Oak St), ポートランド, OR
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Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House is one of Portland.

32. Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House

210 NW 11th Ave (at NW Davis St), ポートランド, OR
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Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library is one of Portland.

33. Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library

1124 SW Alder St (at SW 12th Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Cheryl's On 12th is one of Portland.

34. Cheryl's On 12th

1135 SW Washington St (at SW 12th), ポートランド, OR
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Screen Door is one of Portland.

35. Screen Door

1131 NW couch st (12th Ave), ポートランド, OR
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Barista is one of Portland.

36. Barista

539 NW 13th Ave (at NW Hoyt St), ポートランド, OR
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ブードゥードーナッツ is one of Portland.

37. ブードゥードーナッツ

(Voodoo Doughnut)
22 SW 3rd Ave (at SW Ankeny St), ポートランド, OR
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Pip's Original is one of Portland.

38. Pip's Original

4759 NE Fremont St (at NE 48th Ave), ポートランド, OR
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