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    美術館 2110 Blue Ridge Rd ローリー, NC

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    • Shahrooz S.
      Shahrooz Shahandeh: "The permanent collection contains an AWESOME modern art portion and it is free to the public. Highly recommend checking it out if you're in Raleigh."
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    Museum Park

    彫刻庭園 2110 Blue Ridge Rd ローリー, NC

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    • The News & Observer
      The News & Observer: "The museum’s 164-acre park includes sculptures and other installations along a network of trails that connect to Raleigh’s greenway system."
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    Burial Beer Co.

    醸造所 500 E Davie St Ste 170 ローリー, NC

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    地中海料理店 9650 Strickland Rd ローリー, NC

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    • Sassool
      Sassool: "Get one free baklava on your first check-in!"
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    Wild Turkey Bar & Lounge

    カクテルバー 9401 Glenwood Ave ローリー, NC

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    • Tresa P.
      Tresa Pickup: "Split the burger with the blue cheese and then you might have room for dessert. If not, get dessert and take it home. You won't be disappointed."
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    State Farmers Market

    農産物直売所 1201 Agriculture St ローリー, NC

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    • Andy G.
      Andy Gastauer: "Fresh local produce. Whatever is in season in North Carolina. There is another part for our of state items. Vendors are very nice and welcoming. They give you advice on how to cook veggies new to you."


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    JC Raulston Arboretum

    庭園 4415 Beryl Rd ローリー, NC

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    • Naima
      Naima: "The best place to relax, breathe in the aroma of flowers, and take a short walk. It is immaculately landscaped. The Japanese Garden is my favorite. Plenty of events are held here for good reason."
    • Dan
      Dan: "I adore this place. It's beautiful for a walk but it's also really nice for photography too. you'd never know it was there too. A must see place in Raleigh."
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    Trader Joe's

    食料品店 3000 Wake Forest Rd ローリー, NC

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    • Donna B.
      Donna Backshall: "Consistently the best prices in Raleigh for wine, cheese, nuts, milks and coffees. And while you're there, why not just do all your shopping, since their other offerings are pretty darned amazing?"
    • Morgan T.
      Morgan Talbot: "They do samples every day. Center back of the store. Always gives me new meal ideas or I get to try something I typically wouldn't have bought. Incredibly cheap beer and wine prices too!"
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    Artspace Visual Arts Center

    アートギャラリー 201 E Davie St ローリー, NC

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    • James G.
      James G.: "An awesome studio spot of very artistic artists. Plus a very cool kid friendly learning environment that provides great artistic expression."
    • Kendall T.
      Kendall T: "De-Stress Yoga at 6pm on Wednesdays, very soothing :)"

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