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  • 9.4

    SingleCut Beersmiths

    醸造所 19-33 37th St Astoria, NY

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    • The Wall Street Journal
      The Wall Street Journal: "On tap during a recent visit were the 19-33 Queens Lagrrr!, a pilsner style beer with a crisp taste, and the Dean Pacific Northwest Mahogany Ale, an amber ale with more complex flavor than the 19-33."
  • 9.3

    Long Island City Piers

    埠頭 Center Blvd クイーンズ, NY

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    • CJ S.
      CJ Stryker: "Amazing place to gaze the Manhattan Skyline at night. Great place to bring your date and enjoy a romantic outing."
  • 9.5

    Il Bambino

    サンドイッチ店 3408 31st Ave Astoria, NY

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    • Sonoko K.
      Sonoko K: "Best panini and crostini. パニーニ専門でとても美味しい。"
  • 9.3

    Anable Basin Sailing Bar & Grill

    バー 4-40 44th Dr クイーンズ, NY

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    • IrmaZandl T.
      IrmaZandl The Opinionator: "LOVE this place. Very chill - right on the water. Straightforward selection of wine, beer, spirits. They also have brats and a few other food items but have never tried and rarely see ppl eating."
  • 9.6

    Hunter's Point South Park

    公園 クイーンズ, NY

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    • NYC Parks
      NYC Parks: "The park includes a central green, a playground, a waterside promenade and a 13,000-square-foot pavilion that contains comfort stations, concessions, and an elevated café plaza."
  • 9.4

    Astoria Bier & Cheese

    チーズショップ 34-14 Broadway Astoria, NY

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    • Alfred M.
      Alfred M.: "what's good here? everything. kind of love cracking beers from the fridge and sitting at the bar. ($2 corking fee). free corn nuts. great food. good music taste."


  • 9.5

    Sorriso Italian Pork Store

    精肉店 4416 30th Ave Astoria, NY

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    • Serious Eats
      Serious Eats: "This deli deserves its rep for good sandwiches and Italian specialties, great deli products, and some of the friendliest counter staff you'll find anywhere. Cash only."
    • Christina C.
      Christina C.: "The people here are super friendly (Frank, Joe, etc). They help you w/ your selection & give you samples to try too. The soppressatas, sausages & mozzerella are made by them. Everything is so good!"
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    • Andrew C.
      Andrew Casper: "This place is so cool... During the Open, there are so many great non-major matches happening on the small courts and variety of food/drink concessions (but expectedly expensive)!!!"
    • Brian C.
      Brian Chase: "An amazing place to watch tennis. Even if you have tickets at one of the stadiums, take the time to go see matches at the smaller courts."
  • 9.4

    The Yoga Room

    ヨガスタジオ 10-14 47th Rd. クイーンズ, NY

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    • Kimmie N.
      Kimmie Nguyen: "Love my instructors. Yuval is very kind and challenging. He wants to help you with your control. Jacyn knows how to get your energy up. Danielle's Monday class is soothing and calm. Love this studio."
    • "We love this studio! Cozy,warm and colorful. Hot Yoga with, Brian on Friday nights is a great way to kick off the weekend. Left with a great work out and a few kernels of wisdom to ponder!"

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