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  • 9.3

    Olive et Gourmando

    サンドイッチ店 351, rue Saint-Paul Ouest モントリオール, QC

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    • Ali D.
      Ali Dagli: "One of the best lunch spots in Montreal. So much love and attention to detail. Cuban and Chicken sandwiches are guilty pleasures but on the healthier side I recommend big healthy salad."
  • 9.5

    Marché Jean-Talon

    農産物直売所 7070 avenue Henri-Julien モントリオール, QC

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    • Helene M.
      Helene Martin: "Amazing produce and nice picnic tables to enjoy a feast. Don't miss the ice cream at Havre Au Glace!"
  • 9.4

    M Montréal Hostel & Bar

    ユースホステル 1245, rue Saint-André モントリオール, QC

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    • Victoria L.
      Victoria L: "Awesome hostel. Clean towels given every day, lockers in rooms, clean bathroom every day. Our ten bed room had a bathroom but also there were two shared bathrooms available. Clean, modern, good wifi"
  • 9.4


    地中海料理店 1201 Van Horne モントリオール, QC

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    • S P.
      S P: "One of the top ten restaurants in Montreal. Menu dégustation is an easy and excellent choice to sample the "best" of Damas. An opportunity to try some things you would not otherwise order off the menu"
  • 9.6

    Parc du Mont-Royal

    公園 1260 Chemin Remembrance モントリオール, QC

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    • Meredith B.
      Meredith Blechman: "Beautiful place for a run or walk, and your prize for making it to be top is a gorgeous view of the city of Montreal. If you want a really hard workout, run the stairs all the way up!"
  • 9.3

    Ming Tao Xuan

    ティールーム 451 Rue St-Sulpice モントリオール, QC

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    • Monica D.
      Monica Dedich: "Wonderful traditional Chinese tea service, and the best selection of green and oolong teas in the city! Calming, relaxing little corner if you want to feel like you're getting far, far away"


  • 9.4

    Place des Arts

    舞台芸術 175 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest モントリオール, QC

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    • Susie Y.
      Susie Yin: "Even if you don't go to the museum or watch a show there's sometimes free enjoyable entertainment outside. Just a great place to sit and people watch."
    • Darwin P.
      Darwin Palma: "Amazing place just to walk around or inside. On top of that, is often host of a lot of activities, specially in the summer"
  • 9.4

    Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (MBAM)

    美術館 1380 rue Sherbrooke O モントリオール, QC

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    • Fluying ✅.
      Fluying ✅: "SECRET: through level S2 you can access the building across the street which it's a variety of modern art, Victorian, pre Colombian, China, Africa, Egypt, etc"
    • Ozgur Y.
      Ozgur Yılmaz: "Great Fine Arts museum, not in its permanent collection but for its exhibitions, from Miles Davis to Faberge eggs represents a beautiful melange of artistic talents."
  • 9.4

    Place des Festivals

    広場 Quartier des Spectacles モントリオール, QC

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    • Nate S.
      Nate S: "If you're in Montreal during the summertime, this is the place to be - so many concerts and festivals happen here."
    • Susie Y.
      Susie Yin: "Busy in the daytime, relaxing in the night time, watch the buildings for projections by the MAC or play with the fountains in the summer. There's free entertainment at night too :)."

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