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  • 9.1

    Real Mexico

    メキシコ料理店 2421 Bush River Rd コロンビア, SC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(34 Tip):

    • Michelle B.
      Michelle Baughman: "My tres amigos dinner, below, was good but not hugely different from what I have had elsewhere. Brad had the fajitas and he said they were really good."
  • 9.1

    San Jose Mexican Restaurant

    メキシコ料理店 4525 Hard Scrabble Rd コロンビア, SC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(14 Tip):

    • jennifer
      jennifer: "Their Chicken soup is absolutely delicious! We get at least once a week in the winter, and even summertime too! Every dish we have tried is authentic in taste and we will definitely have again!"
  • 9.3

    Riverfront Park & Historic Columbia Canal

    公園 312 Laurel Street コロンビア, SC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(18 Tip):

    • Sarah Katherine G.
      Sarah Katherine Gottshalk: "Walk down to the river by the amphitheater to sit on the rocks in the middle of the river and skip rocks... you'll totally feel like you're a kid again!"
  • 8.9

    The Comedy House

    演芸場 2768 Decker Blvd コロンビア, SC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(9 Tip):

    • Glendoria E.
      Glendoria Early: "Good drinks to try: Bend Me Over, Blue Motorcycle, Purple Hooter & Royal Flush"
  • 9.2

    Thirsty Fellow

    ピザハウス 621 Gadsden St コロンビア, SC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(67 Tip):

    • Brittanie K.
      Brittanie Kidwell: "I had the white pie with truffle oil, pepperoni, roasted garlic, and extra cheese. The garlic was just enough to taste, but wasn't overpowering. This was seriously the best pizza I've ever had!!"
  • 8.8


    コーヒーショップ 729 Saluda Ave コロンビア, SC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(37 Tip):

    • Jen B.
      Jen Bailey Bergen: "Lack a facial piercing, throat tattoo, or ironic facial hair? You're going to get the stinkeye. Order The Leia, though, because it's worth it."


  • 9.2

    Soda City

    ストリートフェア 1500 Main St コロンビア, SC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(23 Tip):

    • Davis R.
      Davis Rowell: "Always great food vendors and lots of others selling sparkly things. We buy a box from Livingston Farms every time we go."
    • Meredith A.
      Meredith Almond: "Stop by the booth where the homemade donuts are. Get them rolled in Cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar. Only $5 and oh so delicious."
  • 9.2

    Founders Park

    野球場 431 Williams コロンビア, SC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(26 Tip):

    • Chris C.
      Chris Campbell: "Whether you're a baseball or college sports fan, this venue is great for the whole family. Vibrant open spaces, while simultaneously keeping you close to the action. A must while in Cola."
    • Jayce J.
      Jayce Johnson: "Great stadium with tons of different food. The small burger place by the score board is great!"
  • 9.2

    Riverbanks Zoo And Gardens

    動物園 500 Wildlife Pkwy コロンビア, SC

    皆さんは「 」とも言っています(75 Tip):

    • Celeste H.
      Celeste Hope: "Very nice zoo! Gardens were beautiful as well! Children's garden was large. There is also a hiking trail on the way to the gardens. It is paved & the first part is wheelchair accessible, tho bumpy."
    • Michael P.
      Michael Procton: "Not the biggest zoo you'll ever go to, but the ticket price is very reasonable. You can definitely spend a good four hours just in the zoo section without even checking out the gardens."

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