Mexico City Eateries
Ostioneria La Morenita is one of Mexico City Eateries.

1. Ostioneria La Morenita

Mercado de Medellin (Campeche Coahuila), Cuauhtemoc, Distrito Federal
シーフードレストラン · Roma Sur · 43個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: A standout seafood and oyster restaurant in Mercado Medellín. We love the mojarra (similar to tilapia), ostiones a la diabla, pulpo al ajillo, and above all, the pescado empapelado ("fish in paper"). 続きを読む

Pastes Real de Pachuca is one of Mexico City Eateries.

2. Pastes Real de Pachuca

パン屋 · Tabacalera · 2個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: This bakery makes excellent empanadas and pastes. We love the frijol con chorizo pastes and mole rojo empanadas. 続きを読む

El Cuadrilatero is one of Mexico City Eateries.

3. El Cuadrilatero

Luis Moya 73 (Ayuntamiento), Cuauhtemoc, Distrito Federal
サンドイッチ店 · 89個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: This “wrestling ring cafeteria” serves up a great variety of super-sized tortas (sandwiches filled with meat, cheese and vegetables) to satisfy big appetites. Wash it all down with fresh guava water. 続きを読む

El Profe is one of Mexico City Eateries.

4. El Profe

Interior del merado de Jamaica, メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · 11個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: An excellent eatery inside the Jamaica market specializing in barbacoa (pit-roasted mutton). The tacos de barbacoa are a must-try but the fried quesadillas, tacos de suadero, & chorizo are also good. 続きを読む

Coox Hanal is one of Mexico City Eateries.

5. Coox Hanal

Isabel La Católica 83 (Mesones), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · Downtown · 414個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: Great dishes from the Yucatán, including tacos de relleno negro, empanadas de tiburón, sopa de lima, and cochinita (marinated pork wrapped in banana leaves and roasted in an underground pit). 続きを読む

6. Tacos Don Alex (Fonda)

Edison (Miguel Shultz), San Rafael, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · 1件の Tip

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: Formerly a taquería, Tacos Don Alex is a family-run business where you get personal attention from the owner as well as handmade tortillas – always a plus in any food joint in Mexico. 続きを読む

Fonda Santa Rita is one of Mexico City Eateries.

7. Fonda Santa Rita

Independencia 10 (López), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · Downtown · 89個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: This family-run restaurant offers downtown workers more than just comida corrida. The venue specializes in huaraches, corn paddies with frijoles refritos and meat. Try the carnitas or bistec toppings. 続きを読む

Merendero Las Lupitas is one of Mexico City Eateries.

8. Merendero Las Lupitas

Plaza Santa Catarina #4 (Francisco Sosa), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · 126個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: One of our favorite fondas. Open for over 50 years, this family-run restaurant offers northern Mexican food. 続きを読む

Antojitos Doña Chela is one of Mexico City Eateries.

9. Antojitos Doña Chela

Mercado "La Paz" Loc. 80 (Congreso 1), Tlalpan, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · Downtown · 21個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: Located right in the middle of Mercado de la Paz, this family-run eatery sells much more than comida corrida, including quesadillas, sopes, moles, tortas and even smoothies and fresh juices. 続きを読む

El Pozole Moctezuma is one of Mexico City Eateries.

10. El Pozole Moctezuma

moctezuma 12 col guerrero, メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · Guerrero · 168個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: A great soup house and our favorite place for pozole. There's no sign so ring the buzzer with "pozole" written on it. Our favorite is the maciza with lean pork meat in a tomatillo broth. 続きを読む

Tianguis de Sullivan is one of Mexico City Eateries.

11. Tianguis de Sullivan

Sullivan (Río Rhin), Distrito Federal
フリーマーケット · San Rafael · 206個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: We come here on Saturdays for Don Cuco's delicious tacos. There are no signs, but look for the big glass box with carnitas inside and a pot of bubbling oil where chorizo is being cooked. 続きを読む

Los Burros a Todo Mecate is one of Mexico City Eateries.

12. Los Burros a Todo Mecate

Liverpool (entre Havre & Niza), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
ブリトー店 · Juárez · 36個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: The best burritos in town. Offering a myriad of different burritos, our favorite is the hawaiano version with bacon, ham, sliced hot dogs, pineapple and onions. Try the tocino, or bacon, sauce on top. 続きを読む

Churrería El Moro is one of Mexico City Eateries.

13. Churrería El Moro

Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 42 (Entre República de Uruguay y Venustiano Carranza), Cuauhtemoc, Distrito Federal
パン屋 · 1279個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: Our favorite churros in the city (sugary, deep-fried snacks). A side of Mexican chocolate is a must and can be served hot or cold for dipping. 続きを読む

Empanadas Salamanca 69 is one of Mexico City Eateries.

14. Empanadas Salamanca 69

Salamanca 69 (At Durango), Distrito Federal, メヒコ州
アルゼンチン料理店 · 18個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: Delicious sweet empanadas stuffed with cajeta, a sweet, thick syrup made from caramelized goat’s milk. A nice change from the usual pineapple filling. 続きを読む

La Especial de París is one of Mexico City Eateries.

15. La Especial de París

Insurgentes Centro 117 (Antonio Caso y Sullivan), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
アイスクリームショップ · San Rafael · 350個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: One of our favorite ice cream parlors that still makes all its helados by hand and with fresh, all-natural ingredients. We recommend the vanilla and cajeta (similar to caramel). 続きを読む

La Vaca de Muchos Colores is one of Mexico City Eateries.

16. La Vaca de Muchos Colores

Manuel M. Contreras (Fco Pimentel), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
ティールーム · San Rafael · 25個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: One of our favorite neighborhood eateries serving sandwiches and salads and a great selection of beers. We recommend the chapatas (sandwiches served in a flat ciabatta-like roll). 続きを読む

TACOS & deli is one of Mexico City Eateries.

17. TACOS & deli

Florencia 33 (Hamburgo), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
タコス店 · Juárez · 10個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: This tiny restaurant dishes up delicious food. We love the daily specials menu of tacos as well as the fixed items, including alambres (Mexican stir-fry) and cebollitas (grilled onions). 続きを読む

Tostadas Coyoacan is one of Mexico City Eateries.

18. Tostadas Coyoacan

Mercado de Coyoacán (Ignacio Allende S/N) (Xicoténcatl), コヨアカン, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · 346個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: A marketplace restaurant that elevates the humble tostada to dizzying culinary heights. We recommend the pata de puerco (pork feet), marinated steak, tinga de pollo, and pollo con mole. 続きを読む

Quekas San Cosme is one of Mexico City Eateries.

19. Quekas San Cosme

メキシコ料理店 · San Rafael · 66個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: We love to come to the Mercado San Cosme for these fried quesadillas, some of the best we've had in the city. Head to the second floor for a more relaxing dining experience. 続きを読む

Caldos De Gallina Luis is one of Mexico City Eateries.

20. Caldos De Gallina Luis

Puebla, メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · Roma Norte · 23個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: A street food stand, which has been trussed up to look more like a sidewalk café, serving enchiladas and soup made with hen meat. Try the outstanding enchiladas with mole negro or salsa verde. 続きを読む

Chido'wich is one of Mexico City Eateries.

21. Chido'wich

Chiapas 182 (entre Manzanillo y Medellin, Col. Roma), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
サンドイッチ店 · Roma Norte · 110個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: This restaurant combines sweet, savory & spicy flavors in dishes from Guerrero. We love the chile relleno & mole verde tacos, pollo enchipotlado, fiambre, barbacoa de pollo, & enchiladas de mole. 続きを読む

Corazón de Maguey is one of Mexico City Eateries.

22. Corazón de Maguey

Jardín del Centenario 9-A, コヨアカン, Distrito Federal
バー · 554個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: Offering an excellent selection of craft mezcals (popular alcoholic drink) as well as superb food, favorites include pescadillas (fried quesadillas stuffed with shark meat) & lengua (beef tongue). 続きを読む

El Vilsito is one of Mexico City Eateries.

23. El Vilsito

Petén 248 (esq. Av. Universidad), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
タコス店 · Narvarte Oriente · 796個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: This ever-crowded spot serves delicious tacos al pastor (a local version of "tacos árabes") made from layered, marinated pork meat rotated on a spit through an open flame and served with pineapple. 続きを読む

Cruz del Milagro is one of Mexico City Eateries.

24. Cruz del Milagro

Hamburgo 141 (Amberes), メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
メキシコ料理店 · Juárez · 12個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: A family-run venue serving Oaxacan cuisine. Go for breakfast or lunch and try the delicious enchiladas topped with mole. 続きを読む

La Periquita is one of Mexico City Eateries.

25. La Periquita

Antonio Caso 125 (Altamirano), Cuauhtemoc, Distrito Federal
タコス店 · 135個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: A great place to try tacos árabes ("Arab tacos"). Our favorites are chicken with manchego cheese and with al pastor-style pork meat. The tortas (sandwiches) are also delicious. 続きを読む

Las Laguneras is one of Mexico City Eateries.

26. Las Laguneras

Villalongin 58, メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
レストラン · Cuauhtémoc · 13個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: We love the Torreón-style gorditas, which are grilled rather than fried. Try the spicy guisado verde and asado and the milder picadillo, rajas con queso, and frijoles. 続きを読む

Hilaria Gastrobar is one of Mexico City Eateries.

27. Hilaria Gastrobar

Madero 57 (Isabel La Católica y Palma), Cuauhtemoc, Distrito Federal
バー · Downtown · 192個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: Offering two separate menus, one for food and the other listing a selection of over 70 beers. Try the traditional Mexican dishes such as enchiladas de mole Oaxaqueño and costillitas (pork ribs). 続きを読む

La Petite Crepe is one of Mexico City Eateries.

28. La Petite Crepe

Isabel La Católica 7, メキシコシティ, Distrito Federal
クレープ屋 · Downtown · 65個のヒントとレビュー

Culinary BackstreetsCulinary Backstreets: A tiny eatery serving delicious crepes and tasty beverages. We recommend starting with the Campestre savory crepe and following with the "Rayito de Sol” and the “Tentación” for dessert. 続きを読む