To the Sea By "T"
Nahant Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

1. Nahant Beach

1 Nahant Rd., Nahant, MA
海岸 · 37個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: Located near Lynn, Nahant is an ideal beach for swimming, and one of the most accessible beaches by T. Nahant is also a protected coastal reservation and on the National Register of Historic Places. 続きを読む

Lynn Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

2. Lynn Beach

Lynn Shore Dr., リン, MA
海岸 · Diamond District · 10個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: Only an hour away from campus by T, Lynn Beach is close to both Nahant and King's Beaches. Together, they cover over four miles of waterfront and provide a perfect place to escape the city heat. 続きを読む

King's Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

3. King's Beach

Lynn Shore Drive, Swampscott, MA
海岸 · 4個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: While King's Beach's water quality and lack of a lifeguard make it less than ideal for swimming, it's a great place to relax in the sand and take in some remarkable views from the Lynn shore. 続きを読む

Revere Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

4. Revere Beach

Revere Beach Blvd (Beach St), Revere, MA
海岸 · Crescent Beach · 74個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: Established in 1896, Revere Beach is the oldest public beach in America. It's home to the famous Kelly's Roast Beef & the National Sand Sculpting Festival, scheduled this year for July 19 to 21. 続きを読む

Constitution Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

5. Constitution Beach

Homer St. (at Coleridge St.), ボストン, MA
海岸 · Harbor View - Orient Heights · 13個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: While taking in the views of planes landing & departing at Logan Airport, take advantage of Constitution Beach's new bathhouse, playground, tennis and handball courts, picnic areas, & shade shelters. 続きを読む

Castle Island is one of To the Sea By "T".

6. Castle Island

William J. Day Blvd, ボストン, MA
公園 · D Street - West Broadway · 66個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: This "island" has actually been connected to the mainland since the 1930s. The island hosts the oldest continuously fortified fort in British North America, Fort Independence plus a fishing pier. 続きを読む

Pleasure Bay is one of To the Sea By "T".

7. Pleasure Bay

Day Blvd (Columbia Road), South Boston, MA
海岸 · 9個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: Pleasure Bay is one of the city’s most popular swimming destinations. Nearby Castle Island has enough attractions to fill the day including the pentagon-shaped Fort Independence built in the mid 1800s 続きを読む

L Street Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

8. L Street Beach

l srreet, ボストン, MA
海岸 · Columbus Park - Andrew Square · 1件の Tip

BU TodayBU Today: Together with M Street Beach, this is home to one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted beach in Boston and the L Street Brownies, a local group of swimmers that take to the ocean year-round. 続きを読む

M Street Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

9. M Street Beach

William J Day Blvd. (at M St.), ボストン, MA
海岸 · South Boston · 9個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: Located side by side, L & M Street Beaches connect the beach at Pleasure Bay with Carson Beach. These beaches offer perfect spots to walk, jog, rollerblade, or bike along the HarborWalk. 続きを読む

Carson Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

10. Carson Beach

William J Day Blvd., ボストン, MA
海岸 · Columbus Park - Andrew Square · 22個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: With great views of Boston harbor, excellent swimming, chess tables, bocce courts and the delicious Seaside Café, Carson Beach is an idyllic place to spend a day without being far from campus. 続きを読む

Savin Hill Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

11. Savin Hill Beach

海岸 · Dorchester · 1件の Tip

BU TodayBU Today: Savin Hill Beach features protected swimming areas & baseball fields. Take in views of the world’s largest copyrighted artwork, the rainbow swash on a Keyspan gas tank, a well-known Boston landmark. 続きを読む

Malibu Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

12. Malibu Beach

Playstead Rd., Dorchester, MA
海岸 · 9個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: It may not be California, but Malibu Beach is a great place to sunbathe while taking in views of Boston harbor. Malibu Beach boasts a new bathhouse & is close to the amenities at Savin Hill Beach. 続きを読む

Tenean Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

13. Tenean Beach

Conley St, Dorchester, MA
海岸 · 3個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: While we don't recommend swimming (the remains of a rumored Whitey Bulger victim were found here in 2000), this often sparsely populated beach is great for ocean breezes and views of downtown Boston. 続きを読む

Wollaston Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

14. Wollaston Beach

Quincy Shore Dr, クインシー, MA
海岸 · North Quincy · 37個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: Wollaston is home to a well known jogging/bicycling trail and a 1600s Native American campsite. It is neighbored by Caddy Park, a recreational area with a play area, lookout tower, & picnic tables. 続きを読む

Nantasket Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

15. Nantasket Beach

Nantasket Beach, MA
海岸 · 49個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: This beach stretches across 1.5 miles of waterfront on the Hull peninsula. Check out the Paragon Carousel, one of the nation’s few remaining grand carousels, & look for concerts throughout the summer. 続きを読む

Crane Beach is one of To the Sea By "T".

16. Crane Beach

310 Argilla Rd., Ipswich, MA
海岸 · 57個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: This picturesque, 4-mile beach sports white sand, tidal pools, sand bars plus over 5 miles of trails winding through coastal dunes. There is a $2 fee to use the beach. 続きを読む

17. Singing Beach

119 Beach St, Manchester, MA
海岸 · 32個のヒントとレビュー

BU TodayBU Today: This beach has sand that “sings” if you scuff or shuffle your bare feet with sufficient force through the sand when it’s dry. There is a $5 walk-on fee to access the beach on the weekends. 続きを読む