Bengies Drive-in Theatre

Bengies Drive-in Theatre

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    Creed III: 3:01am
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    Scream VI: 3:00am
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    Antoinette W.
    "Awesome place to see 2 or 3 great movies (映画)."(14 つの Tips)
    Brian B.
    "The homemade ice cream sandwich (サンドイッチ) is amazing!"(2 つの Tips)
    Vertino Y.
    "amazing snack bar (スナックバー)"(6 つの Tips)
    Stephanie P.
    "indoor theater (劇場)?"(2 つの Tips)
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  • Preferred Traveler
    Preferred Traveler7月 1, 2012
    Bengie's provides very nostalgic feeling from the wonder years. Be warned that the staff lives and breathes their house rules. Break the rules and you will feel the wrath of the power hungry staff!!!
  • Vertino Y.
    Vertino Yeldon II4月 6, 2012
    Bengies is the perfect movie theater. It's under the stars, they have an amazing snack bar, and the owners are the nicest people you'll ever meet! It's for the whole family or just for two!
  • LovelyLace T.
    LovelyLace Thompson5月 22, 2011
    Best place for a date. My boyfriend and I come almost every weekend even if we dont like the movies playing. Snack bar is the best I would never bring my own food, thats what keeps Bengies running .
  • Karen S.
    Karen Schwartz7月 7, 2013
    Pay $10 st the gate for a "food pass" that covers everyone in your car. bring a cooler and any food you want. It saved us all a lot of money on concession purchases. We go almost every week!
  • Naptown .
    Naptown 💪 Larry11月 3, 2012
    Originally opened in 1956, Bengie's drive in theater is one of the few surviving drive in theaters in the U.S. and has the BIGGEST movie theatre screen in the USA at 52 feet high and 120 feet wide.
  • Steph B.
    Steph Blue7月 17, 2011
    I don't usually like popcorn, but for some reason it's reeeeally good here. The only healthy snackbar option I can think of is a snowcone without the syrup. ;) Oh, and food is cheap. Have fun!
  • Stephanie P.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Stephanie Prince6月 23, 2013
    Great place to bring the family. Where else can you go and see multiple movies for less then the price of an indoor theater?
  • Chris R.
    Chris Rudy8月 13, 2011
    Why see movies anywhere else! Great price and you can tell they really are passionate about the place. Retro cartoons and ads complete the experience. I will be back, many times!
  • Spidermanユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Spiderman5月 16, 2015
    The atmosphere is awesome! A good place to enjoy a movie without the commtary of the audience. Plus u get 2 or sometimes 3 movies 4 the price of 1.
  • Antoinette W.
    Antoinette Williams5月 11, 2012
    Awesome place to see 2 or 3 great movies. The staff is awesome, always friendly and helpful. A great historical experience for all
  • Laura G.
    Laura Gonzalez3月 1, 2012
    Best Family fun for all ages, even has a small playground so little ones can play lets not for get the dawn to dusk marathon.
  • Suzanne Vegan M.
    Very selective rule enforcement. No mask enforcement and lights on at random times, and no apps play their radio station. Nostalgic but not a good experience
  • Cathleen L.
    Cathleen L11月 27, 2011
    Great place to see movies, not preachy just some good rules for your own well being and that of those around you. Food is reasonable and the only way the theater makes money.
  • Jackie R.
    Jackie Ruskey7月 9, 2011
    arrive early and get ready to have a blast. Mr Vogel makes going to the drive in such fun there is nothing like it, I have been going to bengies since I was a little girl. and now have a grown daught
  • Katy L.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Katy Linsao8月 22, 2015
    Great in summer! Ideal for groups and for dates. Cute, fun, retro, romantic.
  • Stacy A.
    Stacy Adam4月 7, 2010
    Get there early, get a good spot, eat some good food, play board games, and just relax until the movies start at sun down. It's a great time for friends and family!
  • 👨 G.
    👨 Gombz.4月 20, 2011
    $8 triple-feature on the largest screen in the nation. Get in early for prime parking. Don't forget the bugspray and DO NOT BREAK THE RULES. Seriously.
  • Ed K.
    Ed Kapuscinski10月 23, 2010
    I really like this place, but the rampant pervasive authoritarian "thou shalt not" tone is really overbearing and kinda obnoxious after a while. Come prepared to be lectured, but still have fun.
  • Emily Z.
    Emily Ziegenhine Atwood9月 22, 2018
    We drive down from PA for this drive in. There are two closer to us, but this one has a better snack bar and bathrooms.
  • Kori S.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Kori Smith5月 31, 2013
    Single people can gain access on Friday nights if they arrive at the front entrance driveway 15 minutes before the box office gate opens.
  • Liz C.
    Liz Cosner3月 18, 2011
    Biggest movie screen in America! Snack bar definitely worth it or even a food permit to bring your own picnic.
  • Rhandi M.
    Rhandi Morgan7月 17, 2011
    Bring foldable camp chairs and your own bug repellent. I'm an Avon rep and I could suggest a good spray for ya ;)
  • Jenn K.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Jenn Kosakowski8月 26, 2015
    Great for date night. Snack bar is decently priced.
  • Jayユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Jay9月 3, 2015
    Old school drive-in. 2 or 3 movies for the price of one. Cheap snacks.
  • Cynthia M.
    Cynthia Milstead5月 22, 2011
    bengies is great i go there alot ive been almost every weekend since they have opened this season
  • Theo H.
    Theo Hill9月 1, 2013
    Loved the all-nighter...5 movies 9 bucks for 4 just Great!!! :-)
  • Diane H.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Diane Hain9月 24, 2010
    Concession prices can't be beat - a JUMBO soda here costs less than a SMALL soda at an i-n-d-o-o-r movie theater.
  • Beau T.
    Beau Turner7月 8, 2012
    Since when did the staff and security become so rude? I have been coming here since I was 8 and every year the staff gets worse and worse. Great deal for the money just need to rethink ubersecurity
  • Diane H.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Diane Hain3月 30, 2012
    Dress for the temp it will be at the end of the show and you won't spend the night shivering!
  • Jamie M.
    Jamie Mitten4月 9, 2011
    Rules are only made after someone creates a problem. They are only trying to keep the peace. If security wasnt here, noone would want to bring kids here. •former security banned for not giving notice.
  • Matthew C.
    Matthew Cooper5月 28, 2012
    Drink every time Vogel says "rule " and you'll be hammered before show time!
  • Holly Q.
    Holly Q6月 11, 2011
    The fries... Not so good. They're those frozen crinkle cut ones. (for those of you who are picky, like me.)
  • Amy W.
    Amy Whitelaw7月 18, 2010
    You're supposed to buy a permit if you bring your own food. Weird... Bring your own AND check out the snack bar. You can't lose!
  • Shawn D.
    Shawn Davis-Carloni10月 31, 2015
    when is the last day they open? [like for the "season" or wutever...]
  • Natalie N.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Natalie Nadozirny5月 26, 2014
    I wish they provide breakfast after the dusk til dawn shows!
  • Cassie A.
    Cassie Alt6月 19, 2011
    Get in line early for food and drinks those lines take a LONG time to get through
  • Shannon A.
    Shannon A5月 12, 2012
    Chocolate. Chip. Cookies. Warm, vanilla goodness!
  • Melissa M.
    Melissa M5月 22, 2011
    Even if the first movie is for children, sit through'll get better parking
  • Theo H.
    Theo Hill9月 1, 2013
    Even intermission was great!!
  • Joshua Alexander M.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Good times, late nights great value
  • Alex S.
    Alex Scott5月 23, 2021
    The person enforcing the rules was incredibly rude and aggressive. Approached us without a mask, yelling at us about the lights. When we tried to fix it he told us to “stop talking and listen.”
  • Michelle G.
    Michelle Gardner5月 19, 2010
    Get there early for good parking; really good deal to see 2 or 3 new release movies (usually) for $5-$8 for adults and $4 for kids. 続きを見る
  • Dave L.ユーザー画像のハートのアイコン
    Dave Lepkowski7月 2, 2019
    Sounds interesting the way Awesome
  • Christina D.
    Christina Dombrowski10月 20, 2012
    Can't beat the prices and the people are so nice.
  • John R.
    John R J10月 29, 2011
    Cold? Snowing?? Lion tigers and bears??? Bring your licence and car registration and $1 to rent a NICE heater!
  • Brad S.
    Brad Shedwick8月 23, 2010
    Gotta try the homemade chocolate chip cookie ice-cream sandwiches or the Funnel Cake.
  • Jeff H.
    Jeff Hastings6月 16, 2013
    I think "Bengie" likes to hear himself talk way too much. 15 minutes of ranting is not what I paid for. Intermission was much the same. My wife and I will not be going back.
  • victoria
    victoria6月 16, 2013
    CASH ONLY box office!
  • Sarah S.
    Sarah Soul8月 14, 2011
    We love Bengies! We come as often as we can (:
  • Nicole L.
    Nicole Lock5月 30, 2011
    Make sure to arrive early and bring bug spray!


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