North Lake Tahoe
Trokay Cafe is one of North Lake Tahoe.

1. Trokay Cafe

10046 Donner Pass Rd, トラッキー, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: Best restaurant in the whole north lake area, no question. Stunningly presented food, beautiful flavors exquisitely paired with a great tap list. Best espresso in the area, too. I love Trokay.

Stella is one of North Lake Tahoe.

2. Stella

10918 Brockway Rd, トラッキー, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: If for some reason you can't get in to Trokay, eat here. It's real good.

Christy Hill is one of North Lake Tahoe.

3. Christy Hill

115 Grove St, Tahoe City, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: Some dishes miss the mark (kimchi pancake, venison terrine) but others are great (gnocchi, foie). Great views out over the lake if you get there before sundown.

Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar is one of North Lake Tahoe.

4. Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar

10142 Rue Hilltop (at Brockway Rd.), トラッキー, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: A more casual dining experience than Trokay/Stella/ChristyHill. Well-executed classics, some with well-done twists (the ribs are great).

Log Cabin Caffe is one of North Lake Tahoe.

5. Log Cabin Caffe

8692 North Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: The creole benedict on a croissant is fantastic. Worth the drive from wherever you are in the area. Call ahead to put your name on the list so the wait's not as bad as it will otherwise be.

Fire Sign Cafe is one of North Lake Tahoe.

6. Fire Sign Cafe

1785 W Lake Blvd (at Fountain Ave), Tahoe City, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: It's a weird thing to praise, but the side of kielbasa on the breakfast menu is a thing of beauty. Split open, charred to perfection. The oatmeal's and silver-dollar pancakes are pretty good too.

Tahoe Central Market is one of North Lake Tahoe.

7. Tahoe Central Market

8487 North Lake Blvd., Kings Beach, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: The same folks who provide Trokay with their excellent produce. Great produce and beer selection for such a tiny shop.

Tahoe Mountain Brewery is one of North Lake Tahoe.

8. Tahoe Mountain Brewery

10990 Industrial Way (Pioneer Trail), トラッキー, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: The tap room is worth a visit. Crazy stuff on tap. Only one beer available in bottles to go when we were there, unfortunately.

Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. is one of North Lake Tahoe.

9. Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co.

475 N Lake Blvd., Tahoe City, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: Pub where you can get most of the Tahoe Mountain beers (some of the more rare stuff in bottles, too). The food's not bad. They have tots.

FiftyFifty Brewing Co. is one of North Lake Tahoe.

10. FiftyFifty Brewing Co.

11197 Brockway Rd Spc 1 (at Martis Valley Rd), トラッキー, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: Those in search of crazy-good barrel-aged imperial stouts: look no further.

The Pour House is one of North Lake Tahoe.

11. The Pour House

10075 Jibboom St, トラッキー, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: Great little wine/cheese/beer shop in downtown Truckee. Knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Jerky Junction is one of North Lake Tahoe.

12. Jerky Junction

Donner Pass Rd., トラッキー, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: Get the spicy stuff. It'll tear your head off in a good way.

Mellow Fellow is one of North Lake Tahoe.

13. Mellow Fellow

10192 Donner Pass Rd, トラッキー, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: A solid tap lineup for sampling the local brews. Dartboard in the back for entertainment while you work your way through the list.

IV Coffee Lab is one of North Lake Tahoe.

14. IV Coffee Lab

907 Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village, NV
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Eric D.Eric D: The best espresso we found that's open during the day (Trokay needs to open a cafe again). Worth a stop if you're in the area.

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters is one of North Lake Tahoe.

15. Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

10009 W River St (at Bridge St), トラッキー, CA
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Eric D.Eric D: To my taste, they roast a little too dark for straight espresso. I can imagine it being good with dairy/sugar though.