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Çiya Sofrası is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

1. Çiya Sofrası

Caferağa Mah. Güneşlibahçe Sok. No:43, Kadıköy, イスタンブール
トルコ料理店 · Caferağa · 1541個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: My favourite Ottoman style restaurant. Really love the zaater tea and ma’amoul (kerebiç) - it’s beyond delicious. The price to quality ratio is great. The service is very friendly

Baba Sahne is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

2. Baba Sahne

Bahariye Cad. Sakızgülü Sok. No:31 Kadıköy, Kadıköy, イスタンブール
劇場 · Caferağa · 42個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: The shows are mostly only in Turkish - yet all events/ theatres / shows are top-notch - their standards are high

Vitavien Kadıköy is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

3. Vitavien Kadıköy

イスタンブール, イスタンブール
カフェ · Osmanağa · 71個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Delicious ice cream - love their yoghurt flavoured and the cortado

Ümraniye İlçe Nüfus Müdürlüğü is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

4. Ümraniye İlçe Nüfus Müdürlüğü

Ümraniye, イスタンブール, イスタンブール
行政施設 · Cemil Meriç · 33個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: İşlemler hızlı hallediliyor, servis son derece güler yüzlü. Beni çok şaşırttı. Bayıldım

Divan İstanbul is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

5. Divan İstanbul

Harbiye Mah. Asker Ocağı Cad. No:1, Şişli, イスタンブール
ホテル · Harbiye · 189個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: My favourite restaurant around Taksim square area. Honestly I think the price to quality is pretty decent. The clientele is quite sophisticated, the decoration is tasteful and the service very fine.

Heybeliada Marina is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

6. Heybeliada Marina

港 / マリーナ · 11個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Very serene and peaceful - lovely for a long walk

Büyükada is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

7. Büyükada

İlçe Merkezi, Adalar, イスタンブール
· Maden · 1348個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: So crowded in the summer - beautiful in the spring and autumn for long walks. The island gas such finesse. Good fish restaurants along the water

Mizzi Köşkü // Mizzi Mansion is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

8. Mizzi Köşkü // Mizzi Mansion

Çankaya(Nizam) Caddesi No:31 (Çankaya Caddesi), İstanbul, Büyükada, Adalar
その他のイベント · Nizam · 5個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: It is being refurbished. - usually not open to visitors except for exhibitions

Büyükada Surp Asdvadzadzin Verapokhum Ermeni Katolik Kilisesi  is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

9. Büyükada Surp Asdvadzadzin Verapokhum Ermeni Katolik Kilisesi 

Mehmetçik Sok (Kadıyoran Cad), Adalar, イスタンブール
教会 · Nizam · 1件の Tip

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Really well kept - not usually open to visitors - well kept

Anadolu Kulübü is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

10. Anadolu Kulübü

23 nisan caddesi no:21 Büyükada, Adalar, イスタンブール
ホテル · Nizam · 50個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: It is a private club - usually reserved for members - incredible views and so green, there is also a very nice hotel in the grounds

Kınalıada is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

11. Kınalıada

Adalar, イスタンブール
· 335個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: It is a residential island - great for long walk in the spring and autumn - and sightseeing

Tarihi Eminönü Balık Ekmek is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

12. Tarihi Eminönü Balık Ekmek

Eminönü Meydanı (Ragıp Gümüşpala Caddesi), イスタンブール, イスタンブール
フードトラック · 816個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: It is basically a whole bunch of fast food fish and bread kiosks just by the water. It is very touristy and colourful also loved by the locals - however I do not believe are very hygienic

Kardeşler Lokantası is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

13. Kardeşler Lokantası

Mimar Sinan Mh İstanbul Cd 84/A Kemerburgaz, イスタンブール, イスタンブール
トルコの家庭料理レストラン · Eyüp · 503個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Best local Turkish restaurant - the prices are very reasonable - go for döner and “kelle paça” soup

Turyol Karaköy İskelesi is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

14. Turyol Karaköy İskelesi

Arap Cami Mah. Fermeneciler Cad., イスタンブール, イスタンブール
埠頭 · Beyoğlu · 1件の Tip

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: It is a small ferry station, boats leave for the Anatolian sise and Prince islands - always on time though

Samsun Kültür Turizm İl Müdürlüğü is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

15. Samsun Kültür Turizm İl Müdürlüğü

サムスン, Samsun
行政施設 · 2個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Built in 1890 by a financier (Borluoğlu), was rented out to Nasuhi Erzurumluoğlu untii 1936, then used as high schools, it is now the city’s cultural and tourism directorate

Çamlıdağ Şarküteri Türkiş is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

16. Çamlıdağ Şarküteri Türkiş

Alparslan Bulvari, サムスン, Samsun
朝食スポット · 74個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Great delicatessen shop - can also stop by for a Turkish breakfast - the omelette with pastırma is the best

Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

17. Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi

Konya, サムスン, Samsun
大学 · 48個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: 55,000 students - apparently their medical school is pretty good - the campus is huge and very green

İstanbul Havalimanı (IST) is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

18. İstanbul Havalimanı (IST)

Tayakadın Mah. Terminal Cad. No:1, Arnavutköy, イスタンブール
空港 · Tayakadın · 1413個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: The more I travel, the more I am getting used to this airport which I still thinknis unnecessarilly too big. Yet I love the fact that there is a library at domestic departutes

Priene Tiyatrosu is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

19. Priene Tiyatrosu

劇場 · 2個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Huge - drove past it - will return for a grander tour

Ağaçlı is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

20. Ağaçlı

Söke, Türkiye
· 31個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Such a cute little village in the hills approx half hour drive from Kuşadası - love buying bread from the villagers who bake it in ovens outside

Doğanbey Köyü is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

21. Doğanbey Köyü

· 1件の Tip

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: In all honesty there is not much to see at this former Greek village. Kind of sleepy, some old stone houses and a few cafes. Yet I love this tiny little village

Парк Западна Порта На Сердика is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

22. Парк Западна Порта На Сердика

ソフィア, София-град
史跡 · Сердика · 1件の Tip

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: I love the fact that this historic site from the Roman times is part of the city - with signage and short notes - instead of being a site that one has to pay to enter. What a great idea

Св.св. Константин и Елена is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

23. Св.св. Константин и Елена

ул. Съборна, プロヴディフ, Пловдив
教会 · 4個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: There was a gentleman playing the accordion at the entrance of the church- the splendid sound of music and trust me nothing beats that memory for me

Източната порта на Филипопол is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

24. Източната порта на Филипопол

プロヴディフ, Пловдив
史跡 · 1件の Tip

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Loved the way they are still excavating and unearthing the historic sites - what a great job

Фонтанът пред общината is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

25. Фонтанът пред общината

プロヴディフ, Пловдив
噴水 · 9個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Loved the area around the fountain - there are seating areas where one can sit and sip coffee and read to the relaxing sound of the fountain’s water

ForeignArtMuseum of Sofia is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

26. ForeignArtMuseum of Sofia

ул. 19 февруари 1, ソフィア, София-град
アートギャラリー · Оборище · 1件の Tip

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Huge museum, with such a rich selection both Bulgarian and foreign. I also loved the displays. Sad that there were not enough english books on the museum’s works

Боянска църква „Св. св. Никола и Пантелеймон“ (Boyana Church St. Nikola and St. Pantaleymon) is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

27. Боянска църква „Св. св. Никола и Пантелеймон“ (Boyana Church St. Nikola and St. Pantaleymon)

кв. Бояна, ソフィア, София-град
教会 · Бояна · 25個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Unfortunately it is not possible to take photos inside but let me tell you, the interior is like an art gallery. The frescoes are beyond words. There are 11, 13 and 19 Century layers

Национална художествена галерия (National Art Gallery) is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

28. Национална художествена галерия (National Art Gallery)

пл. Княз Александър I 1, ソフィア, София-град
アートギャラリー · Оборище · 19個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Once upon a time the current museum used to be the former Royal Palace so the building is as exquisite as the art displayed. Definitely visit, so central

Kaleiçi Camii is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

29. Kaleiçi Camii

Barbaros Bulvarı (Kaleiçi), Kuşadası, アイドゥン県
モスク · 3個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Although it is right in the center of Kusadasi - it is kind of hidden, unfortunately led by via WC signs. It was built in 1618 - male and female entrances are separate. The interior is quite nice

Театър 199 is one of Aylinさんのお気に入りスポット.

30. Театър 199

ул."Славянска" 8 (ул. Георги С. Раковски), ソフィア, София-град
劇場 · Оборище · 15個のヒントとレビュー

Aylin A.Aylin Alpustun: Obviously could not watch a performance at the theatre due to the language barrier, however the building is so eastern block, somewhat ugly yet the art on the exterior makes it attractive