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  • 9.6

    Strand Bookstore

    書店 828 Broadway マンハッタン, NY

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    • Gossip Girl
      Gossip Girl: "Before you wrinkle your nose at this unconditioned used book store, take a look around. You just might find a literary loving intellectual like D (Don’t You Forget About Me)"
  • 9.6


    アメリカ料理店 201 Park Ave S マンハッタン, NY

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  • 9.6

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    美術館 1000 5th Ave マンハッタン, NY

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    • The Wall Street Journal
      The Wall Street Journal: "Hanging out on the Met steps is a New York tradition, and billionaire David Koch has pledged "at least $10 million" to renovate the fountains outside the museum."


  • 8.9

    Jack's Wife Freda

    地中海料理店 50 Carmine St マンハッタン, NY

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    • Barry B.
      Barry Bloom: "Too crowded. Lots of beautiful young people led by my daughter Jo and daughter in Ashley. Try the peri peri duck wings and peri peri chicken. Very tasty."
    • Olivia O.
      Olivia Oran: "Get the peri peri chicken!"
  • 9.4


    ハワイ料理店 128 1st Ave マンハッタン, NY

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    • Gothamist
      Gothamist: "Get the Monkfish Liver Torchon, a rich mousse-like mound surrounded by tart passionfruit and pear, which you spread on warm slices of Hawaiian roll and which will make your knees buckle and toes curl."
    • Tommy C.
      Tommy Chen: "Great food, great service, & the wine pairing is superb. I love their taro chips w/ black truffles & mushroom fritters to start. Their monkfish liver, fluke, bread pudding, and pineapple is a must try"
  • 8.9

    La Lotería

    レストラン 29 7th Ave S マンハッタン, NY

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